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Ignazia Tinti

  • This heart decorated as lace, with small roses, leaves and doves, is a precious and poetic transposition of coccoi pintau, typical ceremonial bread of Sardinian tradition, into the field of ceramics.

  • The Flowered Hen, Sa Pudda Froria, richly decorated with refined ears of corn, flowers and grains of corn, is surrounded by twelve chicks symbolising the months of the year.

  • The two precious examples of the Bride’s jug, the main element of the local ceramist tradition, both festive and dowry-related, richly decorated with ears of corn, roses and doves, evoke the precious ceremonial bread.

  • The moorhens and little birds, puzzoneddu, with detailed and refined decorations are inspired by the ceremonial bread of the traditional Sardinian culture.

  • This exquisite decorative ceramic plate with a central heart motif, Su Coro, poetically revisits the ceremonial bread which according to the Sardinian tradition is prepared for weddings, as an element of well wishing.

The artisan

Ignazia Tinti’s enchanting ceramics are characterised by graceful details that poetically evoke the ceremonial bread typical of the local tradition. Ignazia graduated from the School of Art in Cagliari, then she started her personal research and specialisation as an artist and ceramist, exploring various plastic and sculptural techniques. Thanks to her experience at the foundry of the well-known sculptor Franco D’Aspro, in Cagliari, she qualified as a goldsmith. Her wide-ranging technical skills have marked her well-defined stylistic identity that is rooted in the rare research concerning the traditional Sardinian bread, su pani pintau, rich in well-wishing plastic decorations. She revisits this source of inspiration by combining the techniques of both the goldsmith and the ceramist. Hens and chicks are her symbols, which she reproduces with careful, patient and precious craftsmanship. Ignazia Tinti’s sensitive personality has led her to take up teaching for social purposes, also by starting a long collaboration with the community of Father Morittu of the Franciscan “Friars Minor” of Sardinia. Her workshop, La Fantastica Bottega in Assemini, a small town with a long tradition of ceramics, is a distinctive and award-winning artisanal expression of the lively local know-how. She participates and exhibits her artefacts in the major fairs, competitions and exhibitions of local and international excellences and her products can be found in the main craft shops across the island.

The collection

Ignazia Tinti’s ceramic production includes a rich line of decorative objects and home décor such as plates, bowls and lamp bases. Her Gallinelle (moorhens), unique pieces recognisable for their decorative style down to the smallest details, often accompanied by chicks, are distinctive. Likewise, the line of jugs – Brocche - which revisit the well-known bride’s jug – brocca della sposa – typical of the local ceramic tradition, which she crafts with the expertise and decorative rendering of the ceremonial bread. The Mignon series includes a variety of small objects which reproduce well-wishing traditional symbols. Also artistic stained glass and works are made on commission.

The technique

A colombino shaping, lathe-shaping, plate-shaping and manual plastic moulding. Slip, ceramic glazing and enamelling by immersion, with a paintbrush, with an airbrush or a sprinkler. Decoration with rich plastic additions and polychrome paint-brushing.

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Where to find them

La Fantastica Bottega di Ignazia Tinti Via Cagliari 195/A Assemini 09032 Assemini (CA)


Telefono: +39 070 944 900; +39 340 74 63 479

Sito web: