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  • The precious pearl set, crafted using small pearls on a gold filigree, offers an ancient and classy touch; earrings are made of lightly burnished yellow gold.

  • Large hand-forged railing module with elegant refined ornamental design, made of stainless steel, a corrosion-resistant material. Produced with many decorative variants, it can be customised in size and details.

  • It is inspired by the local traditional wooden chests, decorated following the intaglio technique, with a personal interpreteattion of  the Chimeras motif, applied to the compositional taste of the central module and in the laeral borders of the large rug.

  • Dedicated to Autumn, Attunzu, this glass panel evokes in its modular geometric composition the typical carpets of the local textile tradition.

  • This rounded wicker basket and its top are made with Mediterranean maquis branches with vibrant colour combinations.