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  • Silver pendant with zircons. Sardinia is represented by the image of the four moors.

  • Playful representation of small goats, popular livestock in Sardinian pastoral tradition, featuring a delicate and sophisticated taste, designed as souvenirs or kind gifts. It is available in white and total black bucchero majolicas.

  • Small carved wooden mask inspired by the charming characters of the traditional carnival; it is available in different versions and sizes.

  • Single-piece engraved handle jack knife featuring a grained bay leaf-shaped blade. The artefact is both a collector's piece, refined during the manufacturing and the sharpening phases, and a knife of daily use. It is entirely hand-made; its shape is inspired by a hunting scene.

  • This original version of the draughts game is hand-made with the glass fusion technique. The object is characterized by the careful making of each piece; it is part of the Ballo Sardo collection, a clear tribute to Sardinian tradition.