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  • The fine wrought iron headboard has a non-traditional design, crafted by the artisan with motifs of sinuous stems in a refined composition of leaves and flowers.

  • This alder wood engraved and hand-painted mask is part of a collection of zoomorphic figures (a pig, in this case) of the traditional carrasecare, the carnival of Ottana.

  • These decorative plates and trays in painted iron, with geometric and essential shapes, are decorated with stars and suns taken from the weaving iconography of Sarule. They are part of the line of Tessili (textile) plates, ever-changing in their original shapes and decorations.

  • It belongs to the Glicine collection, characterized by the delicate faded colours of violets; the ceramic tray with graceful shapes and decorations that reinterpret the traditional lapwing motif.

  • The fine embroidery of the apron, which forms part of the traditional costume of Nuoro, reproduces the original exhibited in the Ethnographic Museum in Nuoro with great stylistic consistency. A strikingly distinctive element, it is embroidered in polychrome silk thread on black woollen cloth.