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  • The glazed ceramic jug is inspired by the skillfully crafted and original interpretation of the traditional Sardinian cult instrument, used for celebration purposes.

  • Cotton and Sardinian wool tapestry with groups of peacocks facing the Tree of Life. Inspired by the iconography of traditional weaving, the motifs are made following the littos technique, duplicated on an original elongated rectangular field.

  • This hand-crafted and decorated necklace features elements of peculiar shape and alternating colours: purple, green, honey and ruby, enriched by pure gold decorations.

  • The precious copper pan, excellent for cooking, traditionally was hung on the walls, displaying the fine decoration on the bottom, hammered with sinuous and light decorative motifs.

  • With its elegant and sophisticated crafting, the glazed ceramic lamp in vibrant turquoise material consists of one piece skillfully crafted with vertical grooves. Entirely handmade, it is an expression of high quality craftsmanship made by a skilful potter.