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  • The shapes and colours of the great flying fish, recognizable and distinctive, testify to the creative process with a deliberately playful and vital approach, characterizeing the entire work of the ceramist.

  • Ancient majolicas inspire these lathe-crafted hand-decorated ceramic jars. The geometrical decorations, hand-crafted following the tin-glazed slip technique, undeline their different shapes and colours, marks and solid fields of colour.

  • The bull figure, a symbol of strength, is inserted in the original circular shape, reinforced by the material texture of clays mixed with marble-like effects.

  • The silver filigree pendant is hand-crafted and depicts the stylized shell of a sea urchin. Available in different models and sizes, it is part of the collection inspired by the marine world that includes rings, pendants, brooches and tie-offs for necklaces. This simple yet sophisticated artefact

  • Elementi tradizionali, scomposti e ridisposti con nuovo equilibrio compositivo, caratterizzano il motivo del tappeto realizzato artigianalmente con la tecnica del pibiones, quì declinata con sofisticati accorgimenti tecnici che restituiscono effetti tridimensionali alla superficie.