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  • Refined and original 750 yellow gold choker, made of a gold foil with a garnet bezel. The manufacturing of the pendant is rather peculiar, since it is shaped in the form of a sun, embellished by the simplicity of the golden thread choker.

  • These exquisite linen and cotton bedspreads are decorated with tradition-inspired motifs using the a pibiones relief technique, with refined combinations of neutral colours and pastel tones. Handcrafted, they can be customised in size, combination of colours and decorations.

  • This handcrafted handbag characterised by the interplay of the colour of the yarns is made of simple but elegant loom woven fabrics. Simple yet practical, it is stylish in its many combinations and uses.

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  • Elegant and original, these bases for lamps are lathe-shaped and decorated with a unique design inspired by traditional local costumes, lace and confectionery. Entirely handcrafted and decorated with enamel and pure gold, they are part of a rich line of coordinated décor items.