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  • Centerpiece with large-leaf motifs inspired by the local textile tradition, Su pistoccu, is crafted using the sfumato technique in the shades of green on an enamelled and engraved white background.

  • This original and practical wooden bedside table is designed, in its particular rounded and sculpted shapes, to be hung on the wall so as to be suspended.

  • 750 (18 K) yellow gold pendant, with a cowrie mounted in a filigree set. Being used as a charm to bring fertility to women, it is decorated with a twisted gold wire. The artefact is embellished with coral pendants.

  • The simple and elegant glazed ceramic plates is characterized by traditional lapwing motifs and the polychromy on a white field.

  • The motif used in the large carpet offers a contemporary interpretation of the archaic Nuragic warrior stick figure, based on the design created by Dorgali artist Mario Spanu, specifically created for the Serafina Senette's workshop in Dorgali.