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  • They are inspired by the typical profile of Sardinian villages: the small houses made of local trachyte have irregular and stylized shapes, enriched by finely crafted silver details: small figures of animals, original architectural elements, different types of flowers and plants populate the anci

  • This cotton carpet with relief hand-made tone-on-tone motifs features grapes and shoots inspired by Sardinia's weaving tradition, with good luck purposes. Crafted with the local pile-on-pile semipieno technique, it suits any classic or modern setting.

  • The cylindrical vases featuring camber and calibrated geometric decorations, are lathe-made and decorated manually. As precious as ancient majolica, featuring a new style linear design, they are available in various colours.

  • It is a smaller version of the traditional Sardinian wedding chest; the small storage unit is richly decorated with incisions, featuring motifs collected by craftsman during the study and restoration of the old local furniture: the flowered diamond, the lapwings, the triangle-decorated frame insp

  • The balanced shape of the large oval platter accommodates the small squares of hammered copper plates, arranged with asymmetric harmony, on a amber-shaded and irregular surface. Made entirely by hand, the barchetta is available in other colors and with different decorations.