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  • This artistic and decorative wrought iron object has the shape of a weaving sail, a symbol of voyaging, a representation of the movement of winds. The artist offers a new perspecive through the skillful working of metals and the natural lines of the juniper base.

  • This multifunctional object, together with other small accessories, may be used as a tray, a box or a centerpiece plate.

  • The cotton, silk and metal thread tapestry features a many-coloured rich floral decoration with two large modules including monstrances, typical elements of local textile tradition.

  • The steel serpent winds around the fluid form of the drop, the symbolic translation of "original sin" that combines the concept and the aesthetic form.

  • This sophisticated and original copper filigree ring is part of the INKOROcollection, created within the project promoted by Sardegna Ricerche and curated by designer Angelo Mangiarotti.