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  • Small ceramic pendants with fine decorations inspired by motifs typical of local jewellery tradition. Shaped and decorated by hand, the pendants are an evocative reinterpretation of filigree buttons typical of traditional costumes.

  • Cotton and Sardinian wool tapestry with groups of peacocks facing the Tree of Life. Inspired by the iconography of traditional weaving, the motifs are made following the littos technique, duplicated on an original elongated rectangular field.

  • This gold filigree pendant reminds of a traditional costume button, with its rounded shape, embellished with a garner mounted on its bezel, flat-foil leaves and dots, flat-section edge, flat-ridge edge, flat edge and twisted flat edge.

  • A jewel typical of the Southern Campidano ladies' costume; it consists of three elements: the Su Froccu on top, the central Sa gioia section and the lower Su Dominu. This jewel was part of the brides' trousseaus and it was worn during official cerimonies.

  • This series of wrought iron candle holders features fluidly and harmoniously shaped stems, decorated with ropes and raffia. They are available in different shapes, sizes and finishes.