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  • A multifunctional object of great decorative impact, this ceramic sphere has refined black and white decorations and satin-effect surfaces.

  • This wooden rocking horse is painted in blue, featuring small engravings and scarlet red decorations. This hand-made artefact is created by an imaginative and sensitive artist, designed for those who look for original approaches to the world of toys.

  • Il grande tappeto in lana sarda riproduce nel disegno un telaio tradizionale, raffigurato in forma astratta con i suoi intrecci di fili ed orditure, appositamente elaborato nel 2012 dall'artista Maria Lai per la nota scrittrice isolana Grazia Deledda.

  • Dedicated to Autumn, Attunzu, this glass panel evokes in its modular geometric composition the typical carpets of the local textile tradition.

  • The fine wooden chopping board is crafted as a single piece, incorporating skilfully a traditional Sardinian model embellished with an intaglio decoration.