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  • The playful cat, depicted with circular lines, is enhanced by the sophisticated rendition of the Raku ceramic technique, deftly used to obtain contrasts of matt black surfaces, vibrant colors and transparencies.

  • The Sun of Dorgali, a unique element of the local filigree goldsmith collection, is crafted with very thin threads and rare aesthetics with feather-light traits that evoke the seethrough transparency of lace.

  • Glazed ceramic platter, hand-crafted and decorated in a plastic game of folds and colourful residues, recalling the charm of water, emphasized by the used of vibrated turquiose paint.

  • This soft cotton and raw linen furnishing is characterized by the weave that underlines the lightly coloured warfs. Suitable for several uses, the fabric is embellished by the application of small Swarovski crystals.

  • The perfect liquid form of the drop is revived in this original sculpture using Orosei marble combined with mirror-polished steel wire band, both crafted with an evocative plastic solution.