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  • These cotton cushions with different decorations and inspirations that can be combined in many ways reproduce original designs by the weavers inspired by the works of the artist Maria Lai, besides the well-known capretta (goat) Lai 81 and other geometric forms.

  • The proud Sardinian woman is the theme that inspires the black ceramic sculptures shaped and decorated by hand, providing variations and studies of the traditional female figure of Sardinia.

  • The irregular shapes of this tea service consisting of a teapot, cups with saucers and a sugar bowl illustrate a magical and oneiric world in which the delicate watercolour adds to the dreamlike and fairy tale tone.

  • The fine sinuous sculptural silhouettes of women in glazed ceramic revive the traditional Sardinian costumes for women by means of decorations and elegant motifs, which also recall the Umbrian majolica as a dedication to the origins of the ceramist’s father.

  • With its original and contemporary style, this cushion in embroidered fabric and cork is characterised by the distinctive design of the stylised horse, taken from the local textile tradition and innovatively reinterpreted, in red in stark contrast against a black background.