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  • This small bag features a balanced combination of materials through the use of different techniques and an intentionally casual style. Careful combination of precious fabrics: leather, natural dyed cotton and orbace, a typical wool used in local textile production.

  • This carpet in Sardinian wool reinterprets the textile modules of the designer-artist Eugenio Tavolara, especially designed in the 1950s for the village of Bolotana and which are now known in the context of the iconographic range of local weaving as sas candelitas, the candles.

  • The hexagonal box is part of the collection made by extrusion processing and it includes a top lid, open at the sides to display two valuable ceramic beads. Made with sophisticated and minimalist skill of compositional elements, it is conceived as an artistic object and fine jewelry box.

  • The essential shape of the copper ladle reminds the one used in traditional cuisine to mix cheese in large pans during preparation. Entirely handmade, it is available in various sizes.

  • This large hand-forged metal picture, finely painted in black and gold, places the sun in the centre.