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Eugenia Pinna

  • Decorative panels made of Sardinia wool, woven following the traditional tapestry technique, embellished with exposed weaves on a red, black and yellow field.

  • This large carpet in Sardinian wool featuring the juxtaposition of numerous bright colors draws inspiration from the fressade, blankets of the textile tradition of Nule, renowned for the wide range of colors and geometric patterns.

  • These panels in Sardinian wool with geometric motifs and a tasteful choice of colours are designed to be hung as evocative tapestries or used as carpets with a strong decorative effect.

  • This original and elegant carpet in Sardinian wool stands out for its prized geometric decoration, obtained through the combination of numerous weaving techniques and the neat juxtaposition of shades of beige and natural dark brown, emphasised by the contrast of details and fringes in magenta red

  • These large carpets in Sardinian wool have an abstract decoration of fine artistic and contemporary taste, with irregular backgrounds of contrasting full colours crafted with a particular woven pattern, locally known as a manu tenta.

The artisan

Weaver and creative Eugenia Pinna is an example of how the ancient wool weaving tradition, typical of the village of Nule, can be enhanced with a contemporary style and design. Trained as a designer at IED, Istituto Europeo di Design of Cagliari, she brings forth a work that is characterized by innovative solutions, both in design and colour choices. Starting from the materials, technique and motifs inspired by old blankets, she creates new compositions: the result is a small collection of carpets and textile objects, in line with contemporary tastes and trends, and made with the wicker technique; the wool artefacts are woven on Nule traditional vertical looms.

The collection

The production mainly includes carpets. Completely hand-crafted, they feature a 4.5 mm thick texture. They have a strong wear resistance and are double-faced. Customized in sizes and colours, with a maximum width of 200 cm, they all feature the unmistakable style of the craftsman designer.

The technique

For the production of her artifacts, Eugenia Pinna first reworks the graphics of traditional motifs and studies chromatic solutions; she then carries out the work using the traditional wicker technique on a vertical Nule loom, working with Sardinian wool warps and wefts.

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Where to find them

Eugenia Pinna Via Caprera, 50 07010 Nule (SS)


Telefono: +39 (0)79 798327 - +39 349 2721471

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