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  • Silver bracelet with stone kyanite bezel mounted on a curved plate and hammered. Carved with fire, it merges the severe rigidity of the plate and the frivolous plasticity of the central decoration, that houses the intense blue of the stone.

  • This textile necklace is made out of a small semi-worked cotton bundle, with a precious silver pendant consisting of a single traditional button. This combination of traditional and contemporary styles provides an original interpretation of ancient themes with an innovative approach.

  • Dedicated to Autumn, Attunzu, this glass tray evokes in its modular geometric composition the typical carpets of the local textile tradition.

  • Inspired in shape by traditional Sardinian buttons, Faula, Lie, is a ceramic candle holder characterised by the elegant fretwork and relief work that reinterprets, with remarkable aesthetics, the filigree of the local goldsmith tradition and is made even more contemporary by the matte bl

  • Necklace made of silver, copper and pyrite using a torch. The object is part of the Nuggetscollection consisting of unique pieces and offers a reinterpretation of the surface and shape of nuggets in the rough. The silver and copper shades are enriched by the inclusion of pyrite crystals.