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  • Refined hand-woven black and white table strip with a small diamond-shaped geometric pattern, a ramu weaving technique, and decorative frills with good luck vine-shoots and grape bunches, sa mostra e s’axia, woven with silver threads on a black field.

  • This artistic single-piece jack knife features a buffalo horn carved in the shape of a Sardinian deer, with a balanced combination of a large bay leaf-shaped blade and an engraved steel joint ring. This precious artefact is entirely hand-made.

  • Finely decorated with an embroidered motif in curly gold thread, smooth silver thread, pearls and crystals, wisely used and combined for a different effect of brightness and colour.

  • This plain and elegant carpet decorated with tone-on-tone diamond-shaped motifs, that is, the traditional rombo pintau design, is inspired by the local weaving tradition, woven on a flat handloom with the a pibiones technique.

  • An intertwining of three calla stems sinuously climbs the elegant floor lamp in which the craftsman reinterprets with great technical skill, the naturalistic rendering of the floral design. Handcrafted in painted wrought iron, it can be customized in size and decoration.