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  • These handcrafted table knives have a steel blade, handle with brown mouflon horn sides and elegant decorative silver butts. Designed as tableware of exclusive beauty with careful manufacture ensuring perfect cutting, they are ideal to lay a table elegantly with a special touch.

  • The Mamuthones mask - typical of the local carnival - skilfully carved onto the single-piece polished black buffalo horn characterises this sought-after jack knife with satin-finished steel blade and joint ring.

  • This prized pendant in silver, gold and coral is entirely realised in thin filigree thread with experimental technique that reinterprets the local goldsmith tradition, particularly inspired by the buttons of the traditional costume for women in the decorative composition and in the central bezel.

  • The stylized shape of a starfish brooch features silver, pearls and semi-precious stones. Made of a handmade silver plate, it is embellished with small pieces of gold.

  • Su Frascu, a typical element of the renowned traditional ceramic production of Assemini, is reinterpreted with contemporary taste in this original version with bold glazed colours, also produced in the unglazed variant faithful to tradition.