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  • The life cycle motif is shown in different variations of style in the four jute tapestries made through the creative use of scraps of velvet, cotton, fustian and orbace.

  • This cushion features a set of cotton warps and linen woofs woven on a handloom. The artefact is characterized by the typical a pibiones technique, inspired by the Diamond flower design, dear to traditional Sardinian weavers, and easily suits any classical or modern setting.

  • The scivedda, a typical object of the local tradition, is revisited with the distinctive CMA style, characterised by the engraved lapwing decoration, which is expressed in an elegant stylistic composition, and enriched by ceramic glazing in green and blue shades.

  • This sculpture in Orosei marble, steel and bronze stands out for the harmony of the plastic forms and for the colour combinations.

  • This original and elegant coffee table with masterly mosaic work combining the fine colour effects of different varieties of wood features sophisticated geometric shapes enriched by an insert in loom woven fabric, a distinctive feature of the new B&B line of this artisanal carpenter’s shop.