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  • Chintoglia is the fine leather belt of the traditional Sardinian costume for men, which reproduces the typical motif of Lula.

  • This hand-decorated ceramic plate, inspired by the marine world, is crafted with the ancient white glaze graffito technique that underlines the orange shades of clay. The artefact is part of the Corallo collection and it is available in different sizes.

  • This elegant breakfast set, consisting of ceramic cups and a ceramic biscuit bowl, is decorated with the symbol of the local tradition, the lapwing.

  • Bracelet made of silver, copper and pyrite. The object is part of the Nuggets collection consisting of unique pieces and offers a reinterpretation of the surface and shape of nuggets in the rough. The silver and copper shades are enriched by the inclusion of pyrite crystals. While displa

  • This original rectangular cushion features graphic fabrics with clear-cut backgrounds in red, white, black and cork, with the large module of the lapwing which is strikingly stylised.