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  • This decorative saucer, also used as a ceramic storage tray, is hand-shaped and decorated. The organic and irregular shape reminds of the sea bottom, with its rocks and shells, decorated by overlapping light blu-purple glaze layers and crystals.

  • The soft forms of this ceramic sculpture tell millennium-old stories, taken from the archaic pre-Nuragic culture with plastic and expressive trait, which evoke the female figure intended as a goddess symbolising fertility.

  • These elegant gold earrings with a central drop-shaped cabochon garnet bezel, enriched by the numerous small baroque pearls set in single threads and decorated with engraved leaves on the external side are a personal interpretation of a classic form of the filigree goldsmith tradition.

  • La delicata composizione geometrica con moduli stellati in cromie neutre è realizzata su telaio manuale con preziosi filati di lino e tecnica a rilievo chiamata localmente a beltighitta, più generalmente conosciuta come pibiones.

  • This elegant silver pendant with garnet, coral and the Eye of Saint Lucia, typically used in the Sardinian goldsmith tradition, is striking for the original revolving mechanism thanks to which it shows its two faces.