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  • This wooden rocking horse is painted in blue, featuring small engravings and scarlet red decorations. This hand-made artefact is created by an imaginative and sensitive artist, designed for those who look for original approaches to the world of toys.

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  • This capacious bag with handles, BigBag, has an original shape and it is crafted by asymmetrically combining shiny black leather, local handicraft woven fabrics and other printed floral fabrics.

  • This table lamp is crafted with glass tiles moulded in dynamic shapes, symbolizing the Island's strong mistral wind; the artefact is mounted on a juniper wood base. The object is part of the Isola collection, dedicated to the natural elements of Sardinian landscape.

  • This silver pendant is a fine miniature of the distinctive Su Boe mask of the evocative Carnival of Ottana, which faithfully reproduces the original shapes and decorations in detail.