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  • Decorative panels made of Sardinia wool, woven following the traditional tapestry technique, embellished with exposed weaves on a red, black and yellow field.

  • The Tundu glasses, with their refined lines and solid black buffalo horn frames are individually handcrafted and can be customised in every detail.

  • The bull figure, a symbol of strength, is inserted in the original circular shape, reinforced by the material texture of clays mixed with marble-like effects.

  • Cotton and linen tablecloths and napkins crafted by hand according to the pibiones relief technique with the stylised myrtle leaf in ecru and neutral colours together with yellow tulip motifs against a neutral background.

  • Handcrafted table lamp with strips of blue and light-blue glass shaped in dynamic form on a juniper wood base, it depicts a wave crashing against a rock.