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  • The irregular shape of this large ceramic plate tells a momentous story finely drawn with graphic and pictorial trait and populated by an oneiric world of animals with horses, lapwings and other naturalistic elements in very light nuanced shades.

  • This white and saffron-yellow table runner is woven on a handloom with animal and plant detailed motifs, inspired by Sardinia's weaving tradition and crafted with the a beltighitta technique. This careful interpretation of tradition easily suits contemporary settings.

  • These noteworthy handcrafted baskets with arches made using the artisanal weaving technique known as weft and warp can be used in a number of different ways.

  • This prized stole is made with fabrics taken from the traditional local costume for women: orbace and black and shocking pink finely fashioned velvet on a green background, lined with damask silk decorated with floral motifs.

  • It is the particular shape of baroque pearls that characterises these refined gold earrings rather than tradition-based inspiration. Three small diamonds enrich the setting, adding to its dynamism.