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  • This hand-crafted leather pocket emptier is engraved with a moorhen-shaped decoration, typical of Sardinian craftsmanship tradition. It is perfect for living rooms and professional studios.

  • Sea urchin, decorative element or black ceramic bowl. Sophisticated and contemporary style for this special intuitive object, made entirely by hand using the bucchero technique, for decoration or culinary purposes as a container for food product.

  • They combine function and decoration in preciously shaped cutting boards, with irregular shapes and decorated on one side with stylized figures of “bronzetti”, traditional statuettes, finely carved and painted of green copper and gold.

  • The basic shapes of the square around the rosette motif, inspired by the wedding chest typical of local tradition and performed with detailed incisions and great artistic sensitivity, remind a precious lace.

  • Pattadese table knife for collectors, entirely handcrafted with steel blade, handle with grips in reused antique ivory with hand-decorated screwed rivets, fine floral motifs with a natural effect expertly engraved on a finished 416 stainless steel knife made to order.