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  • Elegant yet practical thanks to its many pockets, this flat bag with an original rounded shape and a round handle features the typical black and white geometric pattern used for traditional saddlebags, in combination with silk damask fabric with black and gold floral designs.

  • The simple circular shape of this silver pendant is embellished with a sophisticated decorative bezel in garnet-coloured vitreous paste. Handcrafted, it can be customised in colour of stone.

  • The essential lines of this armchair enhance the original asymmetrical composition of the decorative modules, in strong graphic and chromatic contrast, amongst which the central horse stands out, an element taken from the local decorative iconography with a stylised and contemporary form.

  • This Sardinian wool carpet features a balanced geometrical motif with stripes and alternating light and dark grey shades.

  • Taken from the traditional Oristano collection, the brocca fiorita (flowered jug) is richly decorated with sculptural plastic additions of springtime elements realised, according to tradition, with technical mastery and creative flair.