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  • Handcrafted table lamp with strips of blue and light-blue glass shaped in dynamic form on a juniper wood base, it depicts a wave crashing against a rock.

  • The stylized octopus is the core element of this collection made of gold and silver filigree hand-crafted pieces of jewellery. The jewels are part of the collection inspired by the marine world and include as rings, pendants and tie-offs for necklaces. Made of gold, silver, burnished or whitened

  • This fine tibet wool shawl with polychrome silk embroidery and a macramè-crafted fringe faithfully reproduces a typical design of the costume of Oliena. It is entirely handcrafted and can be customised in colour and design.

  • The central decoration of the lapwings, a personal interpretation of the ancient symbol of Sardinian traditional iconography, is realised using the sgraffito technique on the white glazed surface of this large and spectacular ceramic plate, thus revealing the warm terracotta colour.

  • These metal decorated lampshades are available with different traditional decorative elements, pintadera, corals and stylised hearts, by using different techniques to obtain evocative light designs.