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  • Hand-crafted and decorated glazed ceramic geometrical pendants.

  • The plastic forms in glazed ceramic in bold colors with full backgrounds and stylisations of large fruits, guard a treasure that takes on new a form every day.

  • Silver and copper ring, investment-cast, hand-finished. The object is part of the Stonehenge collection, that reproduces the surface and the grandeur of the rocks of Gallura. While displaying a single general design, the collection includes different models of unexpected beauty.

  • Elements evoke the island landscapes and the local traditions characterizing the original floor lamp, where the wrought-iron structure intertwines and combines with the basket and the olive branch with natural harmony.

  • The sophisticated and distinctive blunt-end blade of this Guspinese jack knife is made of damask carbon steel, it has a handle with a spring, grips in light ram horn, nails and a brass ring joint. Entirely handcrafted as a unique piece, it has ever-changing finishes and details.