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  • Oval handled basket, hand-woven with Mediterranean maquis branches in different colour combinations.

  • These cotton cushions with different decorations and inspirations that can be combined in many ways reproduce original designs by the weavers inspired by the works of the artist Maria Lai, besides the well-known capretta (goat) Lai 81 and other geometric forms.

  • This Sardinian wool carpet woven on a traditional manual loom, is made with threads dyed with natural colours. Inspired by traditional motifs, the decoration includes diamond-shaped intertwined modules, featuring a balanced composition of vibrant colours on a dark charcoal field.

  • This large carpet featuring the typical pibiones relief technique is decorated with floral and diamond motifs, su pistoccu, inspired by tradition and elegantly presented in cream-coloured tone-on-tone.

  • This cotton and wool hand-made tapestry is decorated with a relief a pibiones weave featuring black peacocks, ceramic elements and asphodels. The background, made on a traditional loom, has a linear design, typical of traditional dough cloths.