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  • The figure of the warrior on horseback, distinctive of Franco Scassellati’s artistic production, is inspired by the archaic Nuragic culture, expressed with dynamic style and refined sculptural technique.

  • This textile necklace is made out of a small semi-worked cotton bundle, with a precious silver pendant consisting of a single traditional button. This combination of traditional and contemporary styles provides an original interpretation of ancient themes with an innovative approach.

  • An intertwining of three calla stems sinuously climbs the elegant floor lamp in which the craftsman reinterprets with great technical skill, the naturalistic rendering of the floral design. Handcrafted in painted wrought iron, it can be customized in size and decoration.

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  • This black ceramic decorative object, shaped and hand-decorated with the bucchero technique, features the shape of a "puffer fish" and it is part of the collection dedicated to the marine world which includes three different types of fish, characterized by the same technique but available in diff