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  • This elegant decorative panel has an original horizontal geometric composition that alternates the traditional fabric used for saddlebags with different elements in plain-colour and cotton fabric decorated with various refined floral motifs, with fine original graphic effects.

  • The fine pearls of this sophisticated glazed ceramic necklace, which are decorated individually, evoke the colours of the earth and the sea.

  • This original and elegant carpet in Sardinian wool stands out for its prized geometric decoration, obtained through the combination of numerous weaving techniques and the neat juxtaposition of shades of beige and natural dark brown, emphasised by the contrast of details and fringes in magenta red

  • The fine concave shapes of this large ceramic receptacle gather crystal and vibrant turquoise glazing in an evocative plastic work which reinterprets small pools of water and natural rock cavities.

  • Refined in design and choice of colours, this fine tibet wool shawl with entirely handcrafted polychrome silk embroidery recalls the colours of ancient embroidery.