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  • This remarkable round shaped basket used to gather saffron is robust, and comes with a practical handle. It is entirely handcrafted using the weft and warp weaving technique.

  • Sheets of clay as thin as eggshells form the organic shapes of this fine glazed ceramic white centrepiece that bears the prized inscription engraved with a slanting and deliberate, almost illegible trait.

  • This striking elegant pendant reproduces the delicate profile of a woman wearing stylised headgear typical of the traditional costume of Cagliari. Made of Indian coral, pinchbeck, mother-of-pearl and pearls, it expresses the distinctive dreamy style of this goldsmith’s workshop.

  • As exquisite as a painting, this refined silk scarf with small leaf motifs is made with exclusive eco-printing technique, by printing local leaves and shrubs directly onto the fabric.

  • These heart-shaped silver earrings feature relief effects rendered with contrasting polished and satin parts that revisit the local filigree using contemporary technique and style. Handcrafted, they are originally designed by this goldsmith.