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Anna Segreto's company

  • This plain and elegant carpet decorated with tone-on-tone diamond-shaped motifs, that is, the traditional rombo pintau design, is inspired by the local weaving tradition, woven on a flat handloom with the a pibiones technique.

  • This cotton and Sardinian wool with minimal graphic mitif is woven following the a pibiones technique. Use of rich natural, T-moro brown and white wool thread, intertwined in alternating geometrical motifs.

  • This neautral table runner features a refined relief weave, hand-made with the a pibiones technique. The central band includes a repeated floral pattern, typical of Sardinia tradition. Embellished with a hemstitch, the artefact is available in different sizes and patterns.

  • Featuring the traditional griffin motif, this carpet is made of Sardinian wool on a flat handloom with the solid a pibiones technique.

  • This set of cotton and linen towels is embellished with balanced and refined striped motifs and half-stars, inspired by the textile iconography of Sardinia tradition. Made with neautral shades with the local a pibiones technique, they are refined with a hemstitch.

The artisan

Laboratorio tessile Anna Segreto was the result of the artisan's experience and passion for weaving. Stemming from a lucky combination of taste and renewed tradition, textile productions meet the expectations of the customers who are more and more concerned about quality and the taste of fine craftsmanship. The accurate weaving of the fabrics allows flexible and productions which amy be customized in size, colours and the use of precious figurative patterns inspired by the iconographic heritage of Sardinia. In the workshop and the showrooms, located in Villamassargia, a town that enjoys deeply rooted weaving traditions, and Villasimius, the wide range of products may be admired and the weavers may be seen working on flat handlooms.

The collection

The production is inspired by the past, including series of textiles intended for interior decoration: curtains, cushions, bed linen, tablecloths, rugs, towels and other accessories. These handmade products are characterized by the use of local textile techniques, such as the a pibiones, meaning "grape-shaped", and ittuzus, meaning "on heddle looms". The decorative motifs are cleverly reinterpreted with colours, compositions and forms suitable to decorate contemporary settings with balanced hints to tradition.

The technique

To ensure a top quality production, only handlooms are available at this workshop. The local a pibionis and a littuzus techniques are implemented.

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Where to find them

Laboratorio tessile Anna Segreto Via Carbonia, 2 09010 Villamassargia (CI)


Telefono: +39 (0)781 74064 - +39 338 6346742

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