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Artessile by Elena Mulas

  • The prized table runner in Sardinian wool faithfully revives the saddlebag used for special occasions by skilfully combining stripes and stylised figures, reinterpreted with a striking stylistic trait that tastefully and originally evokes the identity of the island.

  • These cotton and linen cushions decorated with relief motifs, either tone on tone or with different shades, are woven on a traditional manual loom, following the pibiones technique.

  • These three decorative panels depict the typical charismatic Sardinian dance, su ballu tundu, rich in archaic rituals and propitiatory meanings, with stylised male and female figures, typical decorative elements of local weaving.

  • The harmonious decorations of these prized cushions in linen and wool reinterpret some of the traditional motifs used by weavers with refined and contemporary taste. The new line is thus characterised by natural yarns in elegant tonal variations.

  • The original Diart carpet is the result of remarkable knowledge, cooperation and exchange between Sardinian and Tunisian weavers.

The artisan

According to Elena Mulas, the art of weaving is precious knowledge handed down by women at home, learnt by practicing on traditional juniper looms. In addition to traditional techniques and motifs, she can boast great professional skills, gained in a textile company since she was a child. With more than two decades of sound activity, her workshop, Artessile, has become an important point of reference in the production of furnishing fabrics. Her fabrics, crafted on semi-automatic looms, made of natural top-quality raw materials, meet the diversified expectations of her customers. The workshop is located in the picturesque setting of the village of Urzulei, where Elena weaves tapestries, rugs, drapes and household linen, through the use of traditional techniques and reinterpreting typical Sardinian decorations. Her productions may be used for different purposes and most of her customers work in tourist accommodation.

The collection

Her products include carpets, tapestries, sophisticated fabrics for curtains, tablecloths, bed sheets, towels and furnishing accessories in general. The decorative motifs used are inspired by local tradition: flowers, plants, stylized animals and geometric forms, merged in modern compositions. These innovative textile artefact are embellished with plant elements, such as asphodel threads, also used in local basket-making. Customizable and suitable to be used in contemporary settings, these elegant fabrics recall ancient traditions.

The technique

The process starts with the careful selection of high-quality and natural raw materials, such as cotton, linen and wool, dyed with plant-based colours. Weaving on traditional looms and semi-automatic hand-looms merge with manual operations with the local a pibiones, a littos and a fressada techniques, with fast base fabric weaving. Productions are characterized by the addition of asphodel threads, while inserts are woven.

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Where to find them

Artessile di Elena Mulas Laboratorio: Loc.Topponu, Show Room Corso Umberto 18 08040 Urzulei (OG)


Telefono: +39 (0)782 649253

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