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Tessile d'Autore

  • This cotton and natural wool tapestry features silk brocade flowers and mother-on-pearl leaves. The background is woven on a traditional handloom, with the linear design typical of the traditional dough cloths, while the use of the brocade is inspired by the rich Sardinian attires.

  • This artistic neutral cotton tapestry is embellished with a a pibiones wool decoration dyed with natural colours. The composition features fabric inserts and suspended Raku ceramic elements.

  • This taperstry features a cotton warp and ecru wool woof, woven with the a pibiones technique, with flower marquetries. The central flower is woven with cotton and a precious silk brocade.

  • This decorative good-luck panel is hand-made with a mixed technique. The background is made of raw linen woven on a traditional loom, with the relief a pibiones technique. Hand-painted with a motif typical of Selargius weddings, sa coia antiga, and a Tree of Life.

  • This cotton and wool hand-made tapestry is decorated with a relief a pibiones weave featuring black peacocks, ceramic elements and asphodels. The background, made on a traditional loom, has a linear design, typical of traditional dough cloths.

The artisan

The passion for fabrics has always been at the heart of the activities carried out by the Mariotti family. A tradition that persuaded Giovanni Mariotti to found the Tessile d'Autore company in the Nineties. He gained experience during his work at a factory in his hometown, Prato, historically linked to the excellence of the Italian textile industry. After landing in Sardinia, following his marriage with a Sardinian woman, he honed his skills by learning local manufacturing techniques, history and charm. Tessile d'Autore is a small family-run company, solid and productive, that focuses on quality, with a skilled and flexible approach to meet challenging market demands, working with both private customers and hotels.

The collection

His collection is characterized by the use of traditional fabrics, made with selected raw materials, for the creation of home accessories: curtains, tablecloths and peculiar lampshades with great visual effects, made of fabrics which also include unusual materials, such as asphodel fibers. Of particular value are the tapestries, crafted by reusing of old fabrics, decorated with inserts and ceramic applications.  Intreccio Nuragico, an artistic work that combines the art of weaving and pottery making, was awarded the 2013 Cultura nelle mani prize, a bienniale event held in the town of Bari Sardo. 

The technique

A Pibiones and a Bagas are the local refined techniques that are mostly used in his workshop. Skilfully applied to horizontal looms, according to tradition, techniques are used to craft copies of traditional artifacts and contemporary collections.

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Where to find them

Tessile D'Autore Via Pirastu, 10 08048 Tortolì (OG)


Telefono: +39 (0)782 624811 / +39 328 2062007 / +39 347 8732072

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