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Pina Monne

  • This decorative lathe-made hand-shaped object is part of a collection inspired by the marine world, and it is designed as a base of a lamp in different versions and colours, embellished by pure gold decorations.

  • This series of sculptures inspired by the women of Sardinian tradition, tells the stories of their traditional attires, made by the artist in an attempt to pay tribute to the Island cultural heritage. Women are recurring figures in the Pina Monne's works, both in pottery and murales.

  • An original collection of Crosses, skillfully crafted and hand-decorated by the artist, featuring stylized shapes, available in different variants and decorations with sophisticated colours embellished by pure gold finish.

  • This vase features the vivid colours of Sardinia's land and sea; it is part of a collection inspired by Nuragic art; hand-made and decorated, it includes small prehistoric symbols crafted using the graffito technique. Available in different forms and sizes.

  • Nuragic art is the source of inspiration for this collection of decorative objects hand-crafted and decorated. The plate features the vivid colours of Sardinia's land and sea, and small relief symbols of the Island pre-history made following the graffito technique.

The artisan

Eclectic artist, renown artisan and recognized muralist Pina Monne began her journey into ceramic art in Siniscola, working as a decorator at a local craftsman's studio. Today, she crafts her creations in her own workshop in Tinnura, skilfully shaping clay into objects inspired by Sardinian tradition, artefact of formal synthesis and decorative use. Her painting skills are expressed in potter through the skillful use of colour combinations, vibrant combinations ranging from pure white to polychromy, enriched with gold.

The collection

As part of her production of decorative objects and furnishings, Pina Monne crafts each piece being inspired by the territory, the tradition, the culture and the history of Sardinia. Inspirations intertwine and make reference to Sardinian women, traditional jewellery, and the nature of the sea floor. Ceramics are peculiar, being inspired by primitivism, with direct references to the prehistory of the island.

The technique

Her productions are a result of ongoing research and experimentation, made entirely by hand, shaped on a lathe, decorated with plastic additions, enamels and tin-glazes, embellished with pure gold.

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Where to find them

Pina Monne Via Nazionale, 33 08010 Tinnura (OR)


Telefono: +39 334 3463360

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