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Francesca Frau

  • The intimate representation of the Holy Family in this wrought iron sculpture is obtained from a single iron plate, skilfully forged and hammered following elegant minimal lines.

  • Decorative drop-forged hand-crafted iron cowbells, hanging from a bundle of many-coloured threads. This is the main symbol of Sardinian tradition and culture, used as simple decorations, still with great visual impact.

  • The charming figures of flamingos are depicted in elegant poses in these wrought iron sculptures, in which the fine flaming technique conveys splendid iridescent effects that evoke the nuances of plumage.

  • This iron hand-made plate features a relief motif obtained by using a welder as a decoration tool. It is available in different sizes, motifs and colours, with a gold or silver foil finish.

  • Crafted with evident technical mastery, these curtain rods in wrought iron have ends that are sculpted and depict different subjects, straight or curled, invariably characterised by unique manufacture and stylistic value.

The artisan

Original and powerfu, Francesca Frau is a young craftswoman who passionately keeps alive the wrought iron making family tradition. Her style is experimental and its creations are the result of a combination of aesthetics and functionality, with a care for details and procedures. With regards to specific needs, Francesca involves the customer since the design stage, to craft the perfect object for the desired architectural context. She participates in the most important of artistic handicraft events of Sardinia by exchanging collaborations with several master artisans on the island.

The collection

Much of her metal production is dedicated to furnishing accessories for indoor and outdoor use. Each piece is thought, designed and crafted in order to characterize the living spaces, in different styles and contexts. Her productions range from single pieces to coordinated series, designed to provide a continuity of style in all spaces.

The technique

Francesca Frau creates and manufactures all her products, starting from drawings and sketches, that she shares with her clients. Her projects are carried out through the use of ancient techniques such as forging, flaming and metal engraving, and include both simple and complex creations.

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Where to find them

Francesca Frau Via Nazionale, 354 09027 Serrenti (VS)


Telefono: +39 070 9158562 - +39 338 4228347

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