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  • The essential collections, finely intaglio decorated with a daisy motif, with its elaborate and elegant elements being part of the Sardinian tradition, enhanced by the final touch of the surface, painted and bleached, revealing the precious texture of the chestnut wood.

  • It is inspired by the traditional bridal chest of Sardinia, featuring a single color and solid and elegant forms. The refined décor, cleverly carved with rose and lapwing motifs, makes this product a unique item, customized in size, design and color.

  • They combine function and decoration in preciously shaped cutting boards, with irregular shapes and decorated on one side with stylized figures of “bronzetti”, traditional statuettes, finely carved and painted of green copper and gold.

  • The daisy motif, inspired by local tradition, is revived with new compositional orders and alternating colors; this precious decorative panel made of Sardinian walnut wood, is skilfully carved in relief.

  • The solid and elegant intaglio décor characterise the hand-crafted table chair, reinterpreting the elements of the local tradition. This high-quality product, hand-crafted and decorated chestnut wood in one piece, is available in several colors, finishings and decorations.

The artisan

In his Stylegno joiner's workshop in Alghero, Alfredo Caria has been working on the design and construction of artisan-made furniture and artistic products since 1990. The finely decorated intaglio production, is the core sign of the creative genius and artistic sensitivity of the artisan. Furnishing elements with a refined taste, intended to last over time, take up and reinterpret elegance with the motifs of Sardinian tradition, with a distinctive repertoire of decorations made of stylised engraved and carved signs. Thanks to modern equipment, high craft professionalism and experience gained over the years, Stylegno is a modern and dynamic artisan company able to respond to the diverse needs of the market, also on a large scale, with customized and high quality products. 

The collection

The small Stylegno company is specialised in making custom furniture, doors and window frames, handcrafted and characterized by the customization of their details. The high-quality furniture is characterized by the mastery of particularly exclusively handmade intaglio details, inspired by the precious and ancient local artisan woodworking.

The technique

The joinery is equipped with cutting-edge tools that allow the execution of highly refined products. The finely carved decoration is made exclusively with artisan procedures. The quality of the wood and paints, always carefully selected, determines the value and the high resistance in time on the products.

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Where to find them

Stylegno di Caria A. Alfredo e C. Zona Artigianale Ungias-Galantè 07041 Alghero (SS)


Telefono: +39 079 950155

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