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Arredointaglio by Bruno Spiga

The artisan

Bruno Spiga, a master furniture maker and carver, has managed the Arredointaglio joinery since 1985 in Villamassargia. His production is characterized by the skilful craftsmanship in making custom furniture, to which intaglio decorations are applied, being inspired by tradition and the study of compositional and modular canons, that the craftsman has learnt from the original artifacts. By participating in trade shows and industry events, Bruno Spiga keeps his work up to date by combining traditional decorative codes to new market demands, and collaborating with architects and designers. The experience gained with over two decades of work, carried out in Costa Smeralda villas and hotels, allowed the company to specialize in matching furnishings, tailored for commercial and accommodation facilities, always paying great attention to details and to the originality of the decorations, while paying tribute to tradition.

The collection

The company is specializes in customized and personalized furniture, carried out in collaboration with the customer since the early design stages. Each product is characterized by high quality craftsmanship and precious intaglio decorations, made entirely by hand following traditional canons. Currently, they are experimenting new techniques, such as wood intertwining, used as a decorative detail.

The technique

Each piece is handcrafted in all phases, including the selection of materials and their preparation, the cutting and interlocking, paying major attention to finishes. Intaglio is performed with a manual chisels. The painting is executed in a pressurized cabin that ensures maximum quality and durability over time.

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Where to find them

Arredointaglio Via Perseo 09016 Iglesias (CA)


Telefono: +39 328 7475878