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Omines Gabba Atelier by Giampaolo Gabba

  • The precious workmanship and materials of the messenger bag are made of wool while the lining is made of fabric and the flap of natural leather inspired by ancient garments. Tailored by hand, it is the result of a careful process of creation, genuinely inspired by the island's identity.

  • It is made of a natural wool embroidery pattern; the backpack is decorated with an archaic symbol of the Neolithic age. Handcrafted as a unique piece, it is inspired by the precious Sardinian traditional fabric, with velvet finishes and leather straps, inspired by ancient garments.

  • The embroidery on the precious cushion draws the clear silhouette of the traditional margherita brooch, the renown filigree jewel. Made with great skill and craftsmanship, the cotton twill fabric expresses a refined creative process clearly inspired by local traditions.

  • Precious objects of affection rich in symbolism and reminding ancient tales; the cotton placemats are embroidered with motifs that evoke local traditions, with trimmings and different designs.

  • Made entirely by hand, with a careful creative process and handcraft, this black woolen bag is inspired by the shape of the traditional saddle bag, Sa Bertula.

The artisan

Giampaolo Gabba carries forward with skill and dedication the legacy of his historic family of tailors at GiTiRoMa, founded by his father Francesco and his mother Magdalene in 1954. After a long period of work within the family business, in 2001 he decided to undertake his own enterprise and opened Sartoria Gabba in the historic centre of Nuoro. The long experience and knowledge of the industry, combined with his personal attitude and meticulous research and rediscovery of ancient tailoring techniques, led him to develop a collection of original taste and refined textiles, garments that include customized, ready-to-wear clothing and accessories and items for furnishing, decor and design. Objects characterized by a clear reference to Sardinian tradition, embellished with original embroidery and fabric paintings, where the choice of materials, carefully selected according to clear aesthetics and peculiarities, is part of an educated creative pathway, rich in ethical considerations and cultural references.

The collection

The collection includes ready-to-wear clothing and tailor-made fashion accessories, such as bags,, stoles, pins and other original products, but also furnishing and textiles for the table sets. The entire collection is characterized by valuable embroideries, made by hand and hand-decorated with fabric inserts.

The technique

His craftsmanship includes the study of pattern development and layout, and scissors cut. For the assembly, he uses traditional tailoring techniques, valuable design details and finishing, in particular for outerwear, characterized by a complex structure. The decoration on fabric is performed through artistic manual embroidery, using the sewing foot machine, following a chalked patter or a fabric painting.

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Where to find them

Omines Gabba Atelier di Giampaolo Gabba Via G. Spanu, 21 08100 Nuoro (NU)


Telefono: +39 3409234095