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Carasau Bread Basket

The artefact

These wide-bottomed wickerwork baskets woven using the weft and warp technique are perfect for storing carasau bread typical of local tradition. Made with varying plant species, they are available in two versions: with and without the lid and are characterised by the evocative scent of myrtle used in the basketwork. Entirely handcrafted, they are available in different sizes.


Materiali: Reeds, Oleaster, Mirto, Willow, Fillirea
Tecniche di lavorazione: Crossover weaving in Sardinia
Dimensioni: Diameter 42 cm; height 10 cm
Località di produzione: Villaputzu

Artigiano: Antonello Utzeri
Settore: Baskets

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Crafting technique: Crossover weaving in Sardinia