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Franco Zedda

  • The silver gancera, an element of the traditional Sardinian women’s costume typically used to fasten garments and accessories, is crafted with distinctive technical expertise and sincere decorative inspiration.

  • The outstanding pendant Sa Gioia, characteristic of the traditional women’s costume of southern Sardinia, is inspired by an original photo dating back to the early 1900s.

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  • The a Palia earrings, characteristic of the goldsmith tradition of the Campidano area, are reproduced with exquisite technical precision in shape and style.

  • These precious earrings are inspired by a traditional pattern of the local goldsmith tradition, with refined style and technical virtuosity in gold filigree and seed-pearls.

The artisan

Franco Zedda stands out in the regional scenario thanks to his skilful craftsmanship and expertise as a goldsmith, which he expresses in his filigree processing technique according to the style of the most sophisticated Sardinian goldsmith tradition. His mastery is evident in the successful realisation of the most complex jewellery of the rich goldsmith repertoire of the island, which requires skill, knowledge and experience, in an enchanting production characterised by the utmost care down to the smallest detail. Franco started his training as an artistic founder at the school of the sculptor Franco D’Aspro; later, he approached filigree goldsmith crafting with the renowned filigree master Gianpaolo Arrais in Cagliari. In 1990 he set up his own goldsmith’s workshop in the historic centre of Iglesias, highly appreciated and sought after by a clientele sensitive to the quality of exclusive artefacts achieved through novel filigree crafting techniques. Franco is strongly motivated and enthusiastic about his profession, he actively integrates into the territory by holding goldsmith’s courses for young students organised by his municipality in collaboration with the School of Art and by intervening at international events and demonstrations which lead to exclusive exchanges and collaborations. Noteworthy is his collaboration with the designers Setsu and Shino bu Ito within the project for the XIX Biennial event of Sardinian Handicrafts, which in 2011 won the prestigious Compasso D’Oro award.

The collection

In his goldsmith’s workshop, Franco Zedda creates items belonging to the rich collection of Sardinian jewellery tradition, both gold and silver, crafted with the fine filigree technique, ranging from various types of fedine - wedding rings - to the more complex forms of patenas, vegliana and iglesiente buttons, to the margherita daisy brooch (spilla margherita) and those of the tradition of Dorgali, to the fabulous pendants Sa Gioia and Su Lasu. His jewellery, which is entirely handcrafted, is chiefly ordered by Franco’s clientele, therefore custom made to meet the customer’s taste. He has created a new line of fedine resuming elements and symbols of the archaic culture of the island.

The technique

The filigree technique is employed with great skill and technical virtuosity. It is carried out in the two variants of openwork filigree and plated filigree (granulation), and all the phases, from the design to the manual preparation of the gold thread are performed. The crafting phases include the preparation of the silver or gold rod, the rolling mill, wire-drawing and rubies, the preparation of filigree threads with wooden tabs, the composition of all the elements forming the jewel and welding. Moreover, beading, glittering, engraving and different shape and size settings.

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Where to find them

Laboratorio Orafo Di Francesco Zedda Via Cagliari, 106 09016 Iglesias (CI)

Telefono: +30 0781 31029