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Goffredo Pisu

  • Original and archaic, this gold necklace has a central pendant depicting the Mother Goddess of the Nuragic culture whose apotropaic value is emphasised by the juxtaposition of vari-coloured coral and mother of pearl, embellished by small granulated gold elements.

  • It is the particular shape of baroque pearls that characterises these refined gold earrings rather than tradition-based inspiration. Three small diamonds enrich the setting, adding to its dynamism.

  • The cuttlefish, expertly stylised, gains dynamism in the original pendant made up of fine link gold chains, pendants and coral beads. Handcrafted combining traditional techniques and filigree, the cuttlefish jewel is an expression of this craftsman’s research and personal experimentation.

  • The elements of this fine gold, coral and agate jewel evoke, as in the local goldsmith tradition, the shape of ancient street lanterns, interspersed by a large-mesh filigree chain.

  • The butterfly element of the traditional Su Lasu pendant is reinterpreted in this rich filigree ring crafted paying particular attention to aesthetic details and finishes. Careful technical adjustments ensure a perfect fit.

The artisan

Goffredo Pisu’s jewellery is the result of skilled goldsmith’s craftsmanship and creativity and is entirely handcrafted. Goffredo started his apprenticeship when he was only twelve, thus he learned the typical ancient local filigree craft, in addition to the traditional goldsmith techniques. His training consolidated during his experience at Bruno Cabras’s workshop in Cagliari thanks to which he acquired the skills necessary to set up his own workshop in 1981, in Pirri. From then on he continued to develop his professional skills also by putting in place fruitful collaborations with goldsmiths from Valencia. Traditional jewellery is revisited with refined taste and is enriched thanks to the wise use of techniques which are not limited to the typical local ones, thus conveying aesthetic strength and solidity and great scenic impact to his creations.

The collection

Goffredo Pisu, alongside his own production lines, characterised by the revisitation of traditional Sardinian jewellery, realises many handcrafted products on commission that meet the needs of a clientele attentive to the uniqueness of craftsmanship. Necklaces, rings, bracelets, brooches and pendants are just some of the precious objects that can be found in his workshop.

The technique

Filigree, traditional goldsmith techniques, engraving, embossing, gem-setting.

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Where to find them

L'Arte Del Gioiello Di Goffredo Pisu Via dei Gherardeschi, 15 09134 Cagliari (CA)

Telefono: +39 070 568 9025