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Marcella Flore

  • These fine linen and cotton towels available in neutral colours and refined decorations realised with the pibiones relief technique evoke the elegance of the past.

  • This carpet with relief decorations realised using the pibiones technique reproduces the heart motif, su coro, in delicate pastel light-blue and blue on a neutral background. Entirely handcrafted, this carpet can be customised in size, colour and decoration.

  • These cushions, handcrafted using a fine version of the pibiones relief technique, are decorated with motifs taken from tradition, and can be combined so as to form elegant compositions. Handcrafted in cotton and linen, they can be customised in size, colour and decoration.

  • These elegant and refined linen and cotton curtains feature refined band decorations realised using a fine version of the pibiones relief technique, with motifs recovered from local traditions.

  • This refined woollen carpet decorated with large rose motifs using the excellent tuttopieno (full-bodied) pibiones relief technique is rendered in a modern fashion thanks to the original choice of hazelnut against a brown background.

The artisan

In Marcella Flore’s textile workshop in Samugheo, a village of ancient and established craftsmanship, precious family know-how is preserved: this invaluable expertise in loom weaving is handed down, in line with tradition, from mother to daughter. Set up in the 1970s by Giuseppina, an expert weaver, the workshop specialises in a textile production closely related to the local tradition, as can be seen in the exquisite designs and typical craft techniques. The business was first taken over by Roberta, and then by her sister Marcella in 2011, who, from a very young age, actively participated in the buzzing life of the workshop and who is extremely keen on collecting the legacy handed down by her mother, thus infusing new enthusiasm into the well-established experience. Marcella Flore’s artefacts are mainly décor textiles characterised by refined manufacture, high-quality yarns and a faithful evocation of tradition in the decorative motifs. She promotes her products in various shops that specialise in quality handicrafts. She also takes part in the renowned Sardinian Handicraft Fair in Samugheo as a representative of the lively and important textile production of her village.

The collection

The production of the artisan workshop focuses mainly on exquisite, elegant textiles and décor fabrics such as curtains, bedspreads, fine towels and other coordinated fabrics, woven with artisanal looms in white, neutral colours and delicate tones, decorated with fine bands of pibiones reliefs. Much of its production is made to order and can be customised.

The technique

In Marcella Flore’s workshop, the main technique used is the typical pibiones, in a very fine version designed for the decoration of cotton and linen textiles in neutral colours and soft shades. Carpets are realised according to a thicker pibiones variant, in the two semipieno (half bodied) and tuttopieno (full bodied) polychrome varieties.

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Where to find them

Artigianato sardo di Marcella Flore Via della Pace, 38 09086 Samugheo (OR)


Telefono: +39 078364191, 3402589146