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Michaela Vargiu

  • Exclusive and elegant, the Bonu Viaggiu (literally, “have a good trip”) trolley bag is entirely handmade using artisanal woven fabrics and combining a refined aesthetic taste with sophisticated and solid manufacturing.

  • This large handbag, which reinterprets prized manufactures of the past with an original contemporary touch, brings together different epochs and places.

  • Sa Zinta is an elegantly tailored band-belt made of fine local fabrics handwoven using the loom and combined with velvet, silk and refined brocade details. Entirely handcrafted as a single piece, it has ever differing details.

  • This large capacious bag realised in fine artisanal fabrics, velvet and hide, based on an exclusive design and handcrafted with the utmost care given to details awakens the desire to start long journeys.

  • This handbag with handles, a combination of handcrafted fabrics with velvet and silk embellished with original large buttons, is evocative of times past reinterpreted in a contemporary fashion.

The artisan

Rediscovering a tradition that is part of you is a genuine way to interpret concepts. This is what happened to the creative talent Michaela Vargiu, of Sardinian origin, who was born and raised in Milan, the capital of innovative experimental fashion, where she graduated as a designer. In 1999 she set up her own tailor shop in Milan and for nine years she experimented and defined her personal style and technique. In 2008 the call of her roots led her to move to Sardinia where, almost by chance, she focused her production on a successful collection of handbags and accessories. She undertook her new creative journey with a respectful approach and rediscovered the craft tradition, which she enriched with contemporary interactions and local collaborations such as that with the Lyrical Theatre of Cagliari. From the thread of her insular origin, Michaela took on loom woven fabrics, with bold colours and rich decorations, that she combines with other carefully chosen precious materials, such as silk, wool, velvet and leather in order to create a distinctive production of bags and accessories designed to be promoted and used without any territorial boundaries. Her creations can be found in her brand-new workshop/shop in the central via Alagon in Cagliari, as well as in the best craft shops of the island. She also participates in the most important regional trade shows dedicated to the excellences of the sector.

The collection

Michaela Vargiu’s production consists of various lines of handbags and fashion accessories carefully crafted using fabrics made with the traditional loom in combination with fine materials such as wool, silk, velvet, leather, brocades and metal. The Chilivani, Is Stellas, Barbagia, Sa Bucciacca, Sa Mendula, Jana, Lizi de Mari collections are just a few of the many lines of products of high-quality manufacture, clearly inspired by the territory. The line of belts/bustiers also has a strong decorative impact.

The technique

Michela realises her collections exclusively according to tailoring techniques and procedures, carried out with the utmost care. The careful investigation of the practical features related to each item has enabled her to find technical solutions to solve every single aspect in order to attain a highly refined artefact. The loom woven fabrics are chosen during the design phase; the fabrics may be either manually or mechanically woven depending on the final destination of the product.

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Type of artefact: Bag Textile clothing accessories

Where to find them

Cagliari Via Alagon, 37 09127 Cagliari (CA)


Telefono: +39 3665324228

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