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Gian Marco Ortu

  • These traditional cushions, designed to be combined in various ways, are handwoven according to the pibiones relief technique in various shades of colour on a neutral background.

  • This large carpet featuring the typical pibiones relief technique is decorated with floral and diamond motifs, su pistoccu, inspired by tradition and elegantly presented in cream-coloured tone-on-tone.

  • The traditional su pistoccu motif, with flowers and diamonds, is the result of a delicate juxtaposition of pink on a neutral background in this carpet crafted according to the pibiones relief technique.

  • This prized carpet, crafted according to the pibiones relief technique, draws on the motif of roses, typical of the local tradition, with delicate combinations of green on a neutral background. Made of cotton yarn, the carpet is available in several sizes and colour combinations.

  • The traditional diamond-shaped flower motif - Su Pistoccu – is rendered by elegantly combining bordeaux on a neutral background with a honeycomb border, a motif of small diamonds.

The artisan

Gian Marco inherited the family tradition and whole-heartedly carries on the activity passed on from his mother, native of a village of the Upper Marmilla area, a territory renowned for its ancient textile tradition. His production features the pibiones crafting technique, adapted to many chromatic and decorative variants, revising the geometrical and floral motifs of traditional iconography. Taking on an almost forty-year-old business, Gian Marco has chosen to continue along the family lines by creating products bearing an unmistakable traditional style.

The collection

The production of the Ortu Tessuti Sardi artisanal workshop ranges from lines of carpets, headboards, cushions, curtains and other cotton, linen or wool individual or coordinated upholstery fabrics, crafted using the pibiones relief technique, ideal furnishing for different rooms of the house or accommodation facilities. Other fabrics such as tablecloths, decorative table runners, American placemats, centrepieces and various fabrics for the kitchen and dining area are created.

The technique

In Gian Marco Ortu’s workshop only the pibiones technique is used, performed on handlooms and semi-automatic looms depending on the specific features of the product, using cotton, linen and wool yarns.

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Where to find them

Via Anna Frank, 58 09036 Guspini (CA)


Telefono: +39 070 972076