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Ceram'Art by Paola Argiolas

The artisan

Paola Argiolas' ceramics have the charisma of objets d'art, to possess and collect. They reflect the artistic potter's training, being projects featuring a balanced approach to aesthetics and functional variables. After studying art, he passion and experience in the production of pottery led to the opening of Ceram'Art in 2001, a shop and workshop renowned in the main exhibition and sale circles of local handmade artistic productions. The distinguishing feature of the potter is the use of black ceramic, made with the bucchero technique, that she crafts with custom procedures to obtain silver-like effects. The objects are inspired by Nature, with organic sculptural and contemporary forms, with detailed relief decorations and engraved surfaces, both smooth and shiny.

The collection

The production of the ceramist Paola Argiolas consists of decorative art objects and furnishings. Here is part of the decorative series dedicated to animals and the series dedicated to the sea world. The unique combination of formal synthesis and detailed decoration, combined with the expert craftsmanship in matte black or crystalline ceramics, provides a connotative and unmistakable style to her creations.

The technique

The ceramist moulds the artifacts with different techniques: manual, slabs and colombino. She performs graffito and relie decorations. Baking procedures are lengthy and elaborate, performed following the bucchero technique, characterized by silvery reflections and made of refractory clays baked in gas and electric kilns.

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Where to find them

Ceram'Art Via Tacito, 6 09042 Monserrato (CA)


Telefono: +39 (0)70 580696 - +39 338 6130453