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Centro Tessuti Sardi

  • It is a contemporary interpretation of the traditional carved wooden chest rosette, a daisy-like design being applied to the large cushions, intended as individual decorative elements or to be placed in different compositions.

  • The elegant design alternating white and light blue diamonds is featured in this carpet, crafted with an a pibiones relief technique. Available in different versions, it may be customized in size and color combinations.

  • The clean lines and exquisite large diamond pattern, and a tone-on-tone neutral color, characterize the large carpet made of Sardinian wool, handcrafted with the a pibiones semipieno relief technique.

  • It is characterized by a precious ancient motif, replicated with accurate precision; the matching set of linen consists of curtains, bedspread and cushions, crafted with a sophisticated design with a fine version of the relief pibiones technique.

  • The dynamic geometric composition of the rug reinterprets one of the most ancient modules of traditional weaving, and in general of the creative and cultural expression in Sardinia: the triangle.

The artisan

Centro Tessuti Sardi, run by siblings Stefania, Carlo and Fabrizio, continues a sound family business made of tradition and skills acquired in almost forty years of activity. Founded in 1978, it is the result of careful management by its founder Basilio Sanna who, together with his wife Elisabetta, started a modern textile company deeply connected to the identity of the Samugheo territory and its renowned textile tradition. The traditional techniques and designs are carefully reinvented to create a rich and varied production of fabrics, a mixture of contemporary beauty and ancient art. With a large manufacturing capability, thanks to its modern equipment, Centro Tessuti Sardi has offered a dynamic trade over time by opening several outlets and showrooms also in Baja Sardinia, Olbia and San Teodoro, the prestigious tourist centers of Gallura. 

The collection

Centro Tessuti Sardi offers a wide range of customizable and matching textiles, to furnish your home: curtains, bedspreads, sheets, tablecloths, always characterized by a skilful craftsmanship. The production lines are characterized by several many varieties of design, inspired by the local textile tradition and executed with the pibiones technique. In addition to this production, a wide selection of carpets is also available, crafted with the pibiones technique, fully covered with the traditional pattern or with modern and contemporary design, different styles inspired by local tradition and territory.

The technique

The textile workshop is equipped with semi-mechanical looms used for the manual creation of the relief a pibiones technique, used in the semi pieno and tutto pieno techniques. Natural materials are selected for their quality and include the typical Sardinian wool produced locally and fine linen and cotton textiles.

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Where to find them

Via Kennedy, 65 09086 Samugheo (OR)


Telefono: +39 0789 53039

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