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"Su Telalzu" textile workshop

The artisan

Su Telalzu was established in 2001, pursuing the rooted textile tradition of the village of Bonorva, carried out until recent times in all houses and passed down from mother to daughter. At their workspace, following the established tradition, the weavers work on flat handlooms only, covering a wide range of typical local products, mainly created a s'agu, a sophisticated and delicate embroidery effect, featuring many colours on a neutral background, typical of local production. The compositional patterns used also include the exclusive collection designed by local artist and designer Eugenio Tavolara, starting with the 1950 collection crafted for the ISOLA project, undertaking an innovative approach to the perception of textile tradition and local culture. The artisans currently collaborate with local designers and participate in major sector events. Their works are a blend of tradition and modernity, where every detail is a story.

The collection

The workshop crafts tapestries, table runners, blankets, pillows, carpets and curtains, mostly intended for home decoration. Carpets are woven following patterns inspired by the design of old blankets and traditional styles and templates, cleverly reinterpreted to better meet the needs of modern settings and furnishings. Faithful copies of traditional artifacts are also crafted, such as horse trappings, chokers and horse blankets. All products may be customized, meeting the specific needs of each customer.

The technique

Artefacts are woven on handlooms with different natural materials: cotton, linen, silk and Sardinian wool, preferably of local production. Products are crafted following traditional techniques: a beltighitta, featuring relief beads, a littos and a s'agu, the ancient patter of the village of Bonorva characterized by precious embroidery-like effects for the creation of tapestries, furnishings, horse blankets and chokers for horses.

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Where to find them

Laboratorio Tessile "Su Telalzu" Corso Umberto I°, 114 07012 Bonorva (SS)


Telefono: +39 (0)79 867951 /+39 340 5088950 /+39 329 4172886