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Laboratorio Artistico Gagliega

  • These small bells in glazed ceramic are shaped like little fairies, Janas, taken from the Sardinian tradition and that, according to ancient legends, give precious gifts to anyone they may encounter along their path.

  • This decorative saucer, also used as a ceramic storage tray, is hand-shaped and decorated. The organic and irregular shape reminds of the sea bottom, with its rocks and shells, decorated by overlapping light blu-purple glaze layers and crystals.

  • These original decorative ceramic elements glazed using a brush and relief technique feature a harmonious black and white composition. They revive the lapwing of the local decorative iconography with distinctive trait and stylish touch.

  • This prized wall light in glazed ceramic evokes the colours and light of the seabed, where the coral branch, the starfish and the shell appear to fluctuate in iridescent opaline and metallic reflections.

  • This hand-crafted and decorated ceramic container. The organic and irregular shape reminds of sea bottoms with rocks and shells, emphasized by the use of glaze and crystal, with a shimmering and mother-of-pearl effect.

The artisan

The pottery made by Vanessa Gagliega seems to come from the sea floor, with charming materials and colours which characterize the aquatic nature. Sensitive and accurate, the ceramist trained as a furnishing decorator and specialized in pottery directly at a workshop in Cagliari. She opened her workshop in 2008 where she worked with a full-time commitment, crafting decorative ceramics with stylistic and technical expertise, closely related to the nature of the island's coast.

The collection

The collection of decorative ceramics and furnishings by Vanessa Gagliega is characterized by hints to the underwater world with the explicit recovery of natural elements such as seashells and corals, skillfully integrated into functional forms such as vases and dishes. The result are objects with irregular shapes which still seem to float under water because of the bright and iridescent surfaces they have. The same material texture is found in her jewellery collections which feature geometric solutions.

The technique

The potter implements hand-forming for decorative compositions applied to products, obtained by modeling clay sheets. The vibrant glazed surfaces are made by coating the outer parts of the pottery piece with slips, tin-glazes and iridescent glazes, applying water colours with a regular brush.

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Where to find them

Laboratorio Artistico Gagliega Via del Ginepro, 12 09012 Capoterra (CA)


Telefono: +39 3403429695

Sito web: facebook: Ceramiche Gagliega