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RR Orafi

  • These silver earrings crafted with relief decoration revive in form the aprons of the colourful collection of local traditional costumes for women, a reference evidenced by the use of a fragment of brocade. It is part of the Telarzu line inspired by and dedicated to loom weaving.

  • The elegant lines of these silver earrings are obtained through the fine combination of disks with prized relief geometric effects inspired by local weaving. They are part of the Pibiones collection dedicated to the most common traditional weaving technique on the island.

  • The perfect circular shapes of these elegant silver earrings are emphasised by the refined relief effect and the warm amber colour of the central carnelian. They are part of the Ciambella collection inspired by and dedicated to the evocative local traditional confectionery.

  • Silver dome ring with its peculiar and honeycomb finish, a reinterpretation of authentic Sardinian wedding rings, crafted with the fusion technique.

  • Silver and fabric pendant. The jewel includes elements made of the typical fabric used for saddlebags, and a central silver element crafted with the fusion technique, decorated with tiny motifs.

The artisan

RR Orafi was founded in 1983 in Sassari by Riccardo Dessì and Rocco Onnis. The two Sassari-born partners (and schoolfellows since primary school) started to work in 1977 at the workshop owned by Riccardo's father, pursuing a tradition carried out by three generations of jewellers. Two years later, in 1980, they moved to Valenza Po, one of the most important hubs of European goldsmith's art, to learn crafting techniques different from the traditional Sardinian ones, collaborating with goldsmith masters in several workshops. These experiences resulted in an original collection inspired by traditional craftsmanship, but modified and with a more contemporary touch.

The collection

The production is varied and includes sophisticated jewels inspired by goldsmith traditions used by millenium-old Mediterranean cultures, reinterpreted in a more contemporary style. They are the result of a non-stop research and experimentation. The goldsmith workshop crafts 750 gold and 925 silver jewels with precious, semi-precious stones, and other materials, such as textiles and wood. The different types of work and the combinations of jewels give birth to jewel collection that include a large variety of rings, bracelets, brooches and earrings.

The technique

The typical jewel finishes are the result of an entirely hand-made craftsman's production, during all its stages, from design to finish. Traditional goldsmith's techniques are combined with more classic techniques. The jewels crafted often feature more than one technique, including fully hand-made filigree. RR Orafi crafts jewels using 925 silver Sardinia filigree, crafted both manually and using lost wax casting and galvanic burnishing and gilding.

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Where to find them

RR Orafi Sassari Vicolo S. Leonardo 1/b 07100 Sassari (SS)


Telefono: +39 (0)79 231184 - +39 339 7745735

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