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Brio Gioielli

  • The shape of a stylized small fish characterizes the silver pendant, embellished by baroque pearls, hydrothermal gems and ruby in matrix. Made out of an engraved silver foil, it is embellished with filigree elements and gold decorations.

  • Gold pendant, handmade and decorated with  pearls and semiprecious stones. The shape of a plover is the core element of this design, a stylized version of the most popular motifs of Sardinian tradition.

  • The stylized shape of a starfish brooch features silver, pearls and semi-precious stones. Made of a handmade silver plate, it is embellished with small pieces of gold.

  • Silver bracelet, handmade and decorated with precious and semi-precious stones. The jewel features the shape of the stylized plover, playing with the sophisticated colours of the mother of pearl and the emerald iolites, precious details enriched by delicate gold decorations. 

  • Gold pendant, handmade and decorated with mother of pearl, pearls and precious stones. The shape of a stylized plover is the core element of this design, embellished by the delicate colours of the mother of pearl and the stones.

The artisan

Charmed since she was a child by artistic expression and creativity, Daniela Rotilio engaged with great passion the study of goldsmith's art. She attended the Istituto Statale d'Arte di Nuoro, where she also worked briefly as a teacher, and after her graduation, she started her apprenticeship at a well-known jeweller's workshop in the city, honing her technical skills and artistic sensitivity. She started her activity in 1985 in Nuoro, where she opened her workshop, where she still works. She crafts precious hand-made objects of fancy and original taste, the result of the creative momentum inspired by the magnetic and charming Sardinian tradition and culture. Gold, silver, stones, pearls, mother-of-pearl, but also alternative and scrap materials; a means to convey her love for her Land.

The collection

Behind each objects, there lies a scrupolous preparation that allows her intuition to be shaped into both creative and technical solutions, supported by skill and experience. A tribute to the curves and the lines of harmonious and balanced shapes. Unique creations which are inspired by the Island, that is harsh, and generous and inspirational at the same time... the sea, the land, the traditions.

The technique

Daniela Rotilio performs traditional goldsmith techniques to create innovative design jewels, using new materials, new ideas that leave a mark and characterize her style, a playful way to create unusual jewels, decostructing the ordinary idea of preciousness.

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Where to find them

Brio Gioielli Via Catte, 22 08100 Nuoro (NU)


Telefono: +39 (0) 784 30941 - +39 347 6303085