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C+C by Carlo Budroni

  • With an elongated shape and a dynamic composition, these original cotton fabric panels with traditional weavings are decorated with large red leaves and black wafer-thin lines, giving a sophisticated graphic effect.

  • Shoulder strap bag, tailor-made with traditional fabrics decorated with black and white motifs typical of Sardinian saddlebags, with a sharp contrast of red and yellow fabrics.

  • This shoulder strap bag, hand-made with traditional fabrics, linen and cotton decorated with black fabric stylised flowers, has a ceramic button closure manufactured by C+C, and an internal storage compartment.

  • This elegant decorative panel has an original horizontal geometric composition that alternates the traditional fabric used for saddlebags with different elements in plain-colour and cotton fabric decorated with various refined floral motifs, with fine original graphic effects.

  • This shoulder strap bag, hand-made with traditional fabrics decorated with geometrical black and white patterns featuring black fabric stylised flowers and leaves, has a ceramic button closure manufactured by C+C, and an internal storage compartment.

The artisan

Carlo Budroni's style is unmistakable: he works at the C + C workshop, located in the city center of Cagliari, in the district of Villanova. Being an alumnus of the European Institute of Design in Cagliari and Milan, he started his first production of handmade bags using industrial felt and then experimenting with new materials and fabrics, typical of Sardinian tradition. Her bags are unique pieces, handmade with new and balanced combinations of traditional fabrics, contemporary materials and experimental cuts. Behind each artifact, there lies the study and design of shapes, colour contrasts and juxtapositions of different textures. He crafts buttons shaping clay or by recycling small items. The result is an exclusive handbag collection suitable for different occasions, elegant evening clutches and original computer bags. His production is well-known and sought after for its exclusive nature and exquisite craftsmanship.

The collection

The production of creative Carlo Budroni mainly consists of bags and textile furnishings, such as pillows and decorative panels. The production of bags, characterized by the use of traditional Sardinian fabrics, vary according to the fall/winter and spring/summer collections. Winter collections feature base fabrics, such as Sardinian wool, orbace and black, red, brown and grey velvet. Summer collections feature cotton and linen in light colours. In both productions, graphic, floral and abstract patterns often overlap, using contrasting colours.

The technique

Products are hand-made using different fabrics and materials. The characteristic marks of this production is the use of traditional Sardinian fabrics, woven of traditional handlooms, such as orbace, the sturdy Sardinian wool fabric, and battoro in posta, a white and black motif fabric used for the creation of saddlebags and other traditional artefacts.

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Type of artefact: Textile fashion accessories

Where to find them

C+C+pelle salata di Carlo Budroni Via San Domenico, 42 09127 Cagliari (CA)


Telefono: +39 (0)70 2341128

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