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Roberto Ziranu

  • The large decorative iron plate has prized chromatic flamed effects in iridescent blue which charismatically evoke the sky and the crystal-clear sea of Sardinia.

  • This artistic wrought iron object is obtained using a hand-wrought iron plate, engraved with an essential and detailed decoration, a reference to archaic female symbols proposed with a deep contemporary touch, polished, with shades of brass and copper.

  • This artistic and decorative wrought iron object has the shape of a weaving sail, a symbol of voyaging, a representation of the movement of winds. The artist offers a new perspecive through the skillful working of metals and the natural lines of the juniper base.

  • Sails blowing against the wind that represent the meaning of the voyage, stories imprinted in the metal with fine iridescent blue flamed colour effects enhanced by the natural twists of juniper wood.

  • This artistic and decorative wrought iron artefact is an explicit reference to the girdles of the traditional Sardinia male attires, obtained by using a single iron plate, wrought and singed with peculiar chromatic effects, on the tones of brass and copper.

The artisan

To Orani artist and creative Roberto Ziranu, who currently live in Nuoro, the craftsmanship of metals is a fifth-generation family expertise. He skilfully works iron, fully aware of his history and tradition, but his works stand out for their innovative touch and interpretation, a strong connotation of an artistic soul. His style is characterized by traditions and the Island, using an inspired and contemporary expressive jargon. The female figure, the Mother, folk costumes, but also Earth, the sea, the wind are the repeated motifs, striking in their stylistic solutions, clever and concise iconic quotations. His work model is his grandfather's old hoe, that he always carries with him, as an example of skill and passion for craftsmanship. He participate actively in contemporary art exhibitions and shows. His creations are reviewed and published in leading journals and sector publications.

The collection

The collections of art objects are designed to become part of the living space and setting with an unconventional timeless style. Skillfully forge with iron, they follow different research lines. The themes are inspired by archaic male and female symbols, or the island nature and territory. The ferrous material is treated with original craftsmanship, in changing fire baths featuring connotative reflections of golden light.

The technique

Roberto Ziranu performs wrought iron works exclusively by hand, alternating traditional techniques, such as forging, burnishing, etching and flaming, the latter used as a decorative element able to impress golden hues on iron surfaces, making them similar to brass and copper. A typical feature of the artist.

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Where to find them

Roberto Ziranu Via Limbara, 16 08100 Nuoro (NU)


Telefono: +39 (0)784 262003 - +39 338 5631444

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