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BAM Design

  • The innovative design of this hand-made cork stool reinterprets s’iscanneddu, the traditional Sardinian household stool. The shape is obtained by properly overlapping cork sticks. A logic and simple project.

  • These steel multifunctional vases are hand-shaped into trunceted triangular-based pyramids, featuring a careful study of their heights, slopes and sections. The clear visual synthesis is underscored by the peculiar working of the metal surfaces, a balanced combination of lines and finishings.

  • Animali sonanti, a set of metal hand-made rattles, features an evocative design that puts together the sound of metal cowbells and the minimal shapes of animals.

  • A leaf worn away by the passing of time. Bukau is the result of the collaboration between BAM and Masayo Ave. The vision of the Japanese designer is shaped into a platter, made out of a fretworked metal plate, that is give different finishing touches.

  • Perfect shapes and thermal contrasts of material surfaces for these metal boxes, featuring a cork lid, made with an essential and skillful touch.

The artisan

BAM, Bottega Artigiana Metalli, is an innovative project that different from the conventional concepts of art, craft and design. BAM, also the sound of a hammer hitting the anvil, is the name of this contemporary craft workshop that promotes an original way to interpret manual processing, according to the stylistic research and design connected to high-quality manufacture. Specialized in artistic manufacturing of wrought iron, copper, brass and steel, the company was founded by Tonino Bruno, a third-generation artisan, with his sons Vittorio and Andrea. Victor graduated at the Politecnico di Milano and Andrea at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera. The lucky set of competences, skills and expertise of the Bruno family is expressed in the original and distinctive activities they carry out and their multi-faceted production, inspired by local traditions, far from conventional. BAM Design is made by designers who work with their hands and artisans who do what their hands suggest.

The collection

BAM productions have the uncanny ability to fill the space with the a great visual effect, due to their material surfaces and scenic innovative processes, in a balanced approach to formal solutions. The "Animali sonanti" collection is a popular series of objects-sculptures that involve multiple senses. They combine form and function to create coat hooks, containers, light systems, seats, tables and equipment. Items to last over time.

The technique

Bottega Artigiana Metalli believes that craft and design complement each other. With experience in the field of industrial design and business, tje careful planning stage goes hand in hand with technical experimentation, honed traditional skills, and the most advanced equipment for metal processing. In its current and future projects, BAM tries to become a reference point for different local craft skills of our territory: not only metal but also wood and cork, ceramics, textiles, weaving, leather and glass.

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Where to find them

BAM Design- Bottega Artigiana Metalli Via Mughina, 14 08100 Nuoro (NU)

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Telefono: +39 (0)784 1944551

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