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Av Metal

  • These decorative painted iron vases are original and of great aesthetic value. They are characterised by the tilted experimental forms and the decorations that recall the weaving patterns of Sarule.

  • This iron stool painted in black and gold, characterised by clear-cut essential lines, bears the typical star taken from the weaving iconography of Sarule on the seat. It is part of the line of Tessili (textile) stools, that have ever-changing decorations.

  • This engraved hand-decorated steel object is inspired by the traditional motif of su puzone, the bird. The pattern is a traditionally used on the burra, the typical blanket of the village of Sarule, that the workshop adds to a number of pieces.

  • Artistic and decorative steel objects, hand-forged and engraved, inspired by the traditional textile motifs, the ox and the deer, reinterpreted by artist and designer Eugenio Tavolara for the weavers of Sarule.

  • This hand-engraved and decorated steel plate is inspired by the sole textile motif, interpreted by artist and designer Eugenio Tavolara for the weavers of Sarule and made by AV Metal in different objects.

The artisan

Av Metal was founded in 2009 to promote ancient craft traditions handed down through generations. Run by brothers Alessio and Antonello Vilia, its works are remarkable, inspired by local history and traditions. The metal working processes combine traditional techniques with the most up-to-date procedures and tools. They manufacture a wide range of hand-crafted artefacts, mainly made of wrought iron: objets d'art, furniture, windows and architectural elements which furnish and decorate indoor and outdoor living spaces. Over the years, this business has developed and consolidated in the craft industry for its ability to offer customers tailor-made products, and its care for details and finishes.

The collection

This craftsmanship strongly marked by the influence of the textile tradition of Sarule and its peasant's tools, offers several collections, including pieces made entirely by hand, in both moulding and decoration. The company also manufactures custom wrought iron for home interiors and exteriors.

The technique

The work is carried out based on projects made with different metals, iron shaped heated in a forge and hand-shaped, stainless steel, copper and brass, which are assembled and decorated. Wrought iron elements are associated with the other traditional techniques: forging, burnishing and engraving.

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Where to find them

Av Metal snc di Alessio e Antonello Vilia Via San Giovanni XXIII, 9 08020 Sarule (NU)


Telefono: +39 (0)784 76005 /+39 329 3612964 /+39 3491618984