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Knife Sardinia

  • This foldable damask steel knife, decorated with a raw mutton horn hand-made handle, is typical of the village of Sinnai.

  • The fixed damask steel blade and the raw mutton horn handle are handmade, a faithful copy of the knife owned by notorious Sardinian bandit Giovanni Battista Salis, a.k.a. Corbeddu, now diplayed at the History Museum of the Carabilieri Legion in Rome.

  • This pattadese jack knife, with its elongated myrtle leaf-shaped steel blade, its striped Sardinian mutton horn handle and its steel guard, is decorated with a lapwing-shaped engraving. The precious knife is available is a leather case.

  • This set of kitchen steel-blade knives feature bovine shinbone handles, hand-made on an innovative project by Lisa Ligas, with a balanced combination of symmetrical lines on the blades and the handles.

  • This arburese jack knife features a large damask steel bay leaf-shaped blade and an single-piece Sardinian mutton horn striped handle. This precious hand-made piece is available in a leather case.

The artisan

Pier Giacomo Saddi, a Sinnai professional cutler, had been a knife enthusiast since he was very young. Having designed and crafted several precision knives made of steel, brass and many other materials, he decided to carry out this activity in a professional way. Being scrupulous and passionate, he carries out his professional activity, while studying traditions; this led him to recoup the knife in his town, that had been forgotten for a long time. He crafts traditional knives and an experimental collection featuring a sophisticated design and innovative and contemporary taste. His knives are marked with the symbol of the lapwing, a decorative traditional element to which is attributed a good-luck meaning. Each knife is sold in a leather or wooden case. Knife Sardinia displays its products during the major handicraft centres of the island.

The collection

Productions include classical models, such as pattadesa,arburesaguspinesasinniesa, foldaway skinning knives and fixed blade models, kitchen sets and other newly designed fruit knives and collectibles, which have been awarded several prized for their originality and beauty.

The technique

For the creation of his knives, this craftsman uses the finest materials, steel for the blades, wood and horns for their handles. Often, their blades are made of damask steel, featuring a special of refined beauty. For the construction of their handles, Sardinian ram, buffalo and moufflon horns are used, but also bovine tibia bones or precious rough or polished types of wood, such as juniper.

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Where to find them

Knife Sardinia Via Montanaru n° 39 09048 Sinnai (CA)


Telefono: +39 (0)70 7600024 – +39 348 7255153