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Kernos Ceramiche

  • This elegant square glazed terracotta tray with a wide-brim edge is decorated with stylised lapwings taken from the local decorative tradition and reinterpreted, handcrafted using the sgraffito technique, coloured with delicate brush strokes in shades of light-blueish green and ochre.

  • Piatto in ceramica decorato a mano, caratterizzato dalla decorazione ispirata al mondo marino realizzata con l’antica tecnica della graffitura su smalto bianco che mette in risaltto attraverso ampie campiture, le sfumature aranciate dell’argilla.

  • This hand-decorated ceramic bowl, featuring stylised lapwings, is characterized by a white glaze graffito technique, underscoring the orange shades of clay. The ultramarine and shiny orange are added by painting directly on the graffito surface.

  • The central decoration of the lapwings, a personal interpretation of the ancient symbol of Sardinian traditional iconography, is realised using the sgraffito technique on the white glazed surface of this large and spectacular ceramic plate, thus revealing the warm terracotta colour.

  • This hand-decorated ceramic vase features a decoration inspired by the marine world, crafted with the ancient graffitura technique on white glaze that highlights the nuances of the orange clay. The object is part of the Corallo collection and is available in different sizes.

The artisan

Kernos Ceramics is named after the ancient ritual incense burners, the .  Founded in Cagliari in 2003, it is a family-run company where hand-crafted ceramics are designed, crafted and sold. The workshop is characterized by quality, style and attention to detail. Collections are always new and original, still paying tribute to tradition. Artistic ceramics are bound to the territory through a continuous aesthetic research that aims at combining cultural heritage with innovation and modern taste.

The collection

The artefacts included in the collections range from furniture to tableware. The decorative subjects feature original zoomorphic patterns or are inspired by the island's cultural symbols, such as the lapwing, the flamingos, the coral, used to decorate different settings with different shapes. Colours enhance the freshness of natural beauties , such as the sea, the sun and the golden sands based on the personal taste of each craftsman.

The technique

The Pavoncelle, Graffiti and Corallo collections are created through the ancient art of Graffito, by engraving the pieces with hard tips. The piece baked twice, mounted on a pearl background, features orange and velvety shades. The ultramarines and the bright oranges are obtained by brush strokes to the graffiti technique. The production made with non-toxic materials is also intended for food use, as well as decorative use.

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Where to find them

Kernos Ceramiche Via Pergolesi, 58 09128 Cagliari (CA)


Telefono: +39 (0)70 401471 - +39 339 4701567

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