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  • This multifunctional object, together with other small accessories, may be used as a tray, a box or a centerpiece plate.

  • These cobalt blue ceramic bowls, featuring an embedded sculpture, different in form and size, reminds of the yard of a small boat. Proposed as a piece of fine decorative art, they meet the buyer's demand for an innovative contemporary objet d'art.

  • The plastic forms in glazed ceramic in bold colors with full backgrounds and stylisations of large fruits, guard a treasure that takes on new a form every day.

  • This set of ceramic bowls, featuring and essential and sophisticated linear design coupled with the sheer contrast of colours, is lathe-made manually and available in different and captivating colours, underlining the distictive aspects of the workshop's production.

  • The chair, an archetypal symbol of hospitality, is interpreted by the three ceramists of Terrapintada with different traits in prized stylistic solutions blended together so as to form a greatly expressive project.

The artisan

The Terrapintada potter's workshop brings together Simonetta Marongiu with her two siblings, Giulia and Robert Carzedda. Their research and experimentation stem from concepts which are deeply rooted in popular culture, investigating traditional knowledge and creating different and complementary results. Featuring an essential design, including geometric shapes and linear surfaces with a sober and contemporary touch, production includes decorated and narrative designs, intended for people who prefer a more traditional touch. Located in a restored mill in the centre of Bitti, Terrapintada periodically hosts cultural events, exhibitions and meetings, being a pole of creativity that provides space to collaborations with artists, designers and architects.

The collection

In Terrapintada, productions are always a successful synthesis of form and function, beautiful objects to see, touch and use. Each object starts from an idea and acquires a shape, a colour and a decoration: bowls, risers, containers of various kinds but also decorative items designed to bring joy. The collection objects inspired by an essential and contemporary design is complemented by a more traditional touch, dedicate to craft enthusiasts. The final outcome is a collection close to the most compelling contemporary craft proposals.

The technique

Lathe-shaping characterizes much of her production, enhanced and refined through a constant search of linearity and clean formal results. Other techniques are also used, including wire drawing and casting, with different creative results and countless proposals for an increasingly aware audience, fond of the technical and expressive peculiarities of local production. The skillful use of glazes and engobes (slips), the refined finishing and graffito techniques are complementary to the technical skills of the potters, who however focus on continuous and constant research and experimentation.

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Where to find them

Terrapintada Via Brigata Sassari, 74
Show room Via Nazionale, 3 - Orosei
08021 Bitti (OT)


Telefono: +39 (0)784 414072 - +39 329 9532900

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