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Terra Sarda

The artisan

The Terra Sarda ceramics company based in Siniscola, on the eastern coast of Sardinia, is well-known for the striking natural beauty and it preserves the ancient tradition of the Deiana family who, for over a century, has passed down knowledge and craft skills to its fourth generation of potters.  Gianni received from his father Salvatore a lathe as a gift of his 12th birthday and from that moment began his passionate training. He learnt crafting local traditional plates, jugs, pottery and simple and functional terracotta vases. Elisa and Stefania inherit their father's work with the sincere passion, together with their mother Marina, in the management of family business. By visiting Terra Sarda and its large workshop, you can admire a beautiful scenario where clay products are crafted on a daily base on a lathe, perceiving the transition of a traditional code into the contemporary.

The collection

Terra Sarda is renowned for the production of ceramic tableware now enriched with artistic and ornamental objects. Dining set, kitchen items, lamps, wall lamps, chandeliers, table centerpieces, vases and decorative plates, are always produced as single pieces, customizable and configurable preliminarily according to specific customer requirements.

The technique

Each piece is molded on the lathe with traditional techniques, characterized by clean and harmonious lines, then carved and glazed, decorated by hand using non-toxic materials intended for the particular culinary use.

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Where to find them

Terra Sarda Ceramiche Strada Prov. la Caletta Km. 50 350 08029 Siniscola (NU)


Telefono: +39 0784 875589

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