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  • This cotton and linen carpet, decorated with diamond-shaped motifs and stylised daisies in an elegant two-coloured combination, features a relief pile-on-pile semipieno technique. Refined and bright, it perfectly suits any setting.

  • This collection of cotton and linen cushions, decorated with an elegant two-colour motif, is hand-made with a relief semipieno pile-on-pile technique.

  • These elegant cushions stand out for the harmonious juxtaposition of the white cotton handcrafted fabric with the traditional design of the lily, and the warm colour of the cork fabric.

  • These elegant cushions with clear-cut lines and minimalist taste are characterised by the original combination of the smooth fabric, handcrafted using the loom according to the local technique known as a soprariccio semipieno (half bodied a soprariccio), with the warm colour of

  • This cotton carpet features a geometric diamond-shaped motif, hand-woven tone on tone, with relief effects obtained using the a soprariccio semipieno technique. Being bright white and easy to maintain, it easily suits different settings.

The artisan

Tessilarredo is a family-run company stemming from the passion and the experience of Domenica Fadda, who has worked as a textile artisan for over 20 years, at her showroom in Porto Cervo, where she offers creations designed to meet different and sophisticated furnishing needs. Her expertise in traditional weaving are combined with modern household furniture, garden and boat designs. Her products feature a mix of creativity and tradition, that allows to design and produce beautiful and original furnishing accessories. The quality of fabrics, combined with the ability to provide embroideries and decorations based on designs submitted by the customers themselves, make Tessilarredo a company highly specialized in its field, flexible and able to provide each customer with the most suitable solutions.

The collection

The production is varied and includes traditional Sardinian carpets, made of cotton, wool or natural linen with decorative elements that are typical of that geographical area, ideal to decorate any classic and modern room; decorative curtains are made of fabrics crafted at this workshop, offering customers custom designs and sizes; indoor and outdoor cushions are made following an ancient Sardinian tradition technique, using top quality fabrics.

The technique

The artisan's touch and the quality of the products is ensured by the use of flat semi-automatic looms, which speed up the production of base fabrics and the weaving of sophisticated works by applying only the a pibiones technique, both in the solid and semi-solid form, made of cotton, linen and Sardinian wool, that may also be embroidered with patterns provided by the customers.

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Where to find them

La Tessilarredo Via Tre Monti, 07023 Calangianus (OT)
Villaggio Alba Ruia 07021 Porto Cervo (OT)


Telefono: +39 (0)789 91103 - +39 340 7632495

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