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La Nuova Fucina

  • These small bronze statues are mounted on a wood stand. Copies of archaeological Nuragic findings. Having a symbolic and votive function, they represent village chiefs, religious chiefs, archers and warriors of different kinds.

  • These metal decorated lampshades are available with different traditional decorative elements, pintadera, corals and stylised hearts, by using different techniques to obtain evocative light designs.

  • These wrought iron hooks, available in different models, are decorated with a lapwing motif. All pieces are hand-crafted and each element is forged, shaped and given a finishing touch.

  • This iron lamp or candle holders, designed and made with traditional crafting techniques, inspired by local tradittion, with decorations such as lapwings, moorhens, the sun and the moon.

  • These iron wrought coat hooks, decorated with coral and stylised fish motifs, offer an evocative view of a sea floor.

The artisan

La Nuova Fucina is a family-run workshop opened 1960 by Franco Fontanarosa.  In 2004, his children, Corrado and Claudia, joined the family company providing mainly a creative support and helping with the crafting of bronze products, a great passion of his father's, and in particular, wrought iron. La Nuova Fucina is one of the local points of reference for bronze casting and manufactures ornamental wrought iron creations. This dynamic company, open to new trends, combines the manual productions of skilled artisans, with a natural creativity and experience, to meet all customers' needs. The company offers collections of furniture, objects and sculptures ranging from the production of single-piece limited series, up to serial productions, always characterized by a unique touch.

The collection

Furniture, accessories and furnishings, lighting, doors, stairs and balustrades are some examples of the company's productions. An exclusive collection of furniture made of wrought metal by skilled hands. Equally important is the famous series of Nuragic bronze statuettes, made with the cold fusion technique, featuring brackets and refractory clay mould casting. Productions are flexible, designed to meet the customer's specific needs.

The technique

Wrought iron is the most popular technique used for furnishings and accessories. The bronze collection is crafted with the fusion technique on the mould that allows the production of small series. All phases are carried out with extreme care, including design, the choice of materials, the finishing, the final decorations. High quality products are made, blending craftsmanship and technological innovation.

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Where to find them

La Nuova Fucina Via dei Carroz, 22 09131 Cagliari (CA)

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Telefono: +39 (0)70 503707

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