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Giuseppe Satta

  • This prized necklace with a string of turquoise stands out for its silver leaf medal chiselled with fine goldsmith technique, reviving the typical stylisations of archaic cultures.

  • The essential lines of this silver band ring with a prized cobalt blue cameo in vitreous paste are inspired by the archaic goldsmith production of the Roman period, enhanced and revisited according to the craftsman's personal taste in the engraved decoration.

  • These fine gold pendants are inspired by nature, enclosing elegant stylised flowers in the light drop shape, which always have different original styles embellished with bezels forming part of accurate chromatic compositions.

  • A sophisticated tangle of thin silver wires housing two different pearls, a baroque, thicker freshwater pearl and a smaller black one, enhancing its simple beauty. The synthesis of a creative process that enhance the preciousness of elements through the use of simple and linear shapes.

  • This original pendant in hammered silver foil is finely sculpted in plastic forms. The baroque pearl is locked by a thin silver thread, which seems to have been placed in that precise point by chance.

The artisan

Giuseppe Satta graduated at the Istituto d’Arte di Nuoro. He then decited to hone his skills gaining experience as an apprentice at the workshop of an excellent goldsmith master in Dorgali and in 1990 he started working as a professional, starting a small nice business in the city centre of Nuoro. In Nuoro, he creates his personal collection of sophisticated and original jewels, turning the creative intuitions of traditional Sardinian goldsmith's art into clearly contemporary products. These artistic forms of fancy originality go hand in hand with more traditional proposals, ranging between classic goldsmith's techniques and new experimental approaches, thus offering his artistic mark with taste and consistency.

The collection

Plain taste and linear and refined design characterize this workshop's production. Precious silver and gold objects, embellished with pearls, precious stones and corals, clear references to local goldsmith's tradition and, sometimes, rather experimental approaches.

The technique

This goldsmith performes traditional goldsmith's techniques and sophisticated approached to local techniques. Filigree, engravings, repoussage, pearl decoration, fusion, all carried out with precision and skill, together with personal experimental techniques, resulting in unusual artistic productions.

Where to find them

Laboratorio Orafo di Giuseppe Satta Piazzetta Ortobene (angolo Via Grazia Deledda) 08100 Nuoro (NU)


Telefono: +39 (0)784 30242 - +39 333 7691911