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Giuseppe Flore

  • This fine shiny silver bracelet revisits the stylised lines carved on the prehistoric Menhirs in Sardinia, a concise and effective representation of warriors and mythical figures.

  • This refined gold pendant reproduces in miniature, with a fine design, the sun motif of the filigree goldsmith tradition, skilfully combined with the version with the face designed by the well-known artist and designer Eugenio Tavolara.

  • This silver pendant is a fine miniature of the distinctive Su Boe mask of the evocative Carnival of Ottana, which faithfully reproduces the original shapes and decorations in detail.

  • The tree of life, archaic symbol widely used in the local decorative iconography, is revived in this fine silver pendant in the heraldic version of Eleonora d’Arborea’s Giudicato.

  • This silver pendant with a coral bead, specifically inspired by the gancere of the traditional goldsmith craft, harmoniously reproduces two birds, puzones, one of the typical symbolic and decorative elements of the local tradition.

The artisan

Giuseppe Flore’s exquisite goldsmith production is the creative result of sensitive evocations of the captivating identity of the island combined with technical handicraft mastery. Giuseppe qualified as “Master of Art” in the crafting of metal and gold at the Art School in Sassari, with the professors Vincenzo Marini and Aldo Contini, he then specialised graduating in Design at the Institute for Artistic Industries in Florence. He started his professional career as jewel designer by collaborating with several handicraft businesses, involved in prestigious local and international projects. In 2000 he set up his goldsmith workshop in Sassari, crafting an unprecedented collection of silver pendants, which in time became distinguished and recognisable and which revive shapes and symbols taken from the archaic history of the island, starting from the Pre-Nuragic, Nuragic and Phoenician-Punic cultures, up to the latest filigree goldsmith tradition. His much-loved production, accompanied by graphic rendering complete with texts and images of the creative process and inspirational themes, is available in the bookshops of the many museums in Sardinia and is promoted in the main retail shops that specialise in the craftsmanship of excellence across the island. He works in his workshop in Sassari and promotes his distinguished production in the main exhibitions and initiatives regarding the excellence of local craftsmanship.

The collection

The production of Flore Sardigna counts special jewellery lines in silver characterised by a successful creative design inspired by the culture and identity of the island. The Ninnolos collection and the prized Prendas collection consisting of pendants, earrings and rings draw on the distinctive filigree and punch-engraved production of the Sardinian goldsmith tradition, rich in symbols and apotropaic and well-wishing elements. The Archeologica collection consists of silver pendants with the forms and symbols of the archaic Pre-Nuragic, Nuragic and Phoenician-Punic civilisations. The Mare d'argento (Silver Sea) collection is a skilful interpretation of extraordinary creative elements of the nature and sea of the island. The Mascheras (masks) collection reproduces with fine miniatures the renowned and charming carnival masks of the Barbagia region.

The technique

This goldsmith workshop produces jewellery lines mainly using artisanal lost-wax casting techniques, based on unique creative designs. Also filigree techniques and classic goldsmith techniques are performed.

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Where to find them

Sassari Viale Caprera 1,M 07100 Sassari (SS)


Telefono: +39 079 3767022

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