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Porcu Gioielli

  • This gold filigree pendant may be used on both sides. It features a brocade and glass bezel, hand-made using traditional techniques.

  • This small pendant/reliquiary features a "occhio di Santa Lucia", a Bolma Rugosa operculum, and on the other side, a small brocade fragment. Decorated on its side with fine filigree elements, it was traditionally used as a lucky charm.

  • This gold and cowry shell pendant, also known as Sorighe 'e mare (cowry), is entirely hand-craft using traditional goldsmith techniques. Traditionally, it was used as a fertility charm and was therefore presented as a gift at a daughtr's birth.

  • This gold brooch is embellished with a Bolma Rugosa eye-shaped pendant and a boar tusk, aka “Su Puleu” (bunch of grapes), and entirely hand-made using traditional techniques. Traditionally used as a lucky charm against the evil, it was presented to daughters at their birth.

  • This gold and coral pendant, known as Sas Sihas, features a filigree-embellished hand-craft bezel. Traditionally made of silver, it has generally used as a charm against bad luck.

The artisan

Anna Guiso learnt traditional goldsmith's techniques in Valenza. Being fond of the traditional Sardinian goldsmith's art, she decided to broaden her knowledge and specialize in a Dorgali filigree making. Since 2008, he has worked in the family business started by her grandfather in Gavoi, her home town, an activity that has been carried out for generations with passion and expertise. Today, Anna skilfully wrks with elegance and creativity, crafting objects inspired by Sardinian goldsmith's tradition, paying particular attention to local traditional filigree jewels, also available with a more contemporary touch.

The technique

Classical goldsmith's techniques are executed with great skill. Filigree is crafted entirely by hand, complying with traditional formats and procedures, creating both faithful copies and of traditional jewels and more contemporary models.

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Where to find them

Gioielleria Porcu Via Roma, 265 08020 Gavoi (NU)


Telefono: +39 (0)784 52165 - +39 349 4207284

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