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Raku by M. Cristina Di Martino

  • With harmonious postures, the four tenores sing their typical a tenore song which almost reaches our ears, evoking that ancient traditional music.

  • The stylised figures of dogs sniffing one another stage encounters, arranged so as to acknowledge their respective roles. Manually shaped one at a time in glazed ceramic and matte black, their original lines represent the distinctive trait of this handicraft workshop.

  • These fluctuating fish have a vibrant and lively form, well represented in the small raku ceramic sculptures combining glazed surfaces with matte black. Individually handcrafted, they are available in different shapes and colours.

  • These light, contemplative birds in elegant positions are made with a distinctive trait in sophisticated harmonious shades, enhanced by raku glazed ceramics.

  • These little puppet theatres tell simple and sentimental stories, summaries of dynamic moments where time flows on. Handcrafted in glazed ceramic with a variety of compositions, the little puppet theatres clearly express the formal synthesis used by these ceramists to tell stories.

The artisan

In the enchanting and lively Marina district in the historic centre of Cagliari, Raku Ceramic Workshop has been active for the past thirty years, framed by the steep steps of Santa Teresa. Maria Cristina Di Martino and Salvatore Farci handcraft sought-after and well-known ceramic products mainly using the ancient raku technique: ceramics characterised by neat, playful and experimental lines, with various elegant glazed surfaces and an original style. A reference point for the artistic life of the city, these craftspeople work with tireless creativity, organising meetings and special programs where forms of art are reciprocally contaminated. Still appreciative of the original local dimension of their manufacture, over time their ceramics have been promoted through the major international channels of design, and they now represent the excellence of local craftsmanship.

The collection

The well-known and consolidated production of Raku’s art ceramics - to name a few, the series of birds, little puppet theatres, fish and animals - is complemented by a diversified line of practical objects: tea sets and pottery, lamps and other functional objects retaining the strong and distinctive Raku mark, characterised by stylised shapes that enchant with light-heartedness and a poetic touch. Salvatore is always willing to satisfy the clientele’s specific requests, thus crafting unique items that reveal the custom made creation of each piece, performed with technical expertise and strong stylistic sensitivity.

The technique

The raku technique is the main technique, although enamelling and slip are also performed. Lathe-shaping and manual shaping are performed.

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Where to find them

Cagliari Scalette Santa Teresa, 2 09124 Cagliari (CA)


Telefono: +39 070 653898 ; 328 5672490