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Lauretta Podda

  • This soft and original artefact is realised with the fine cut-outs of the fabrics used to tailor traditional regional costumes, inspired by the circular shapes of the rolled kerchief su Tidii, that women used to put on their heads to carry water pitchers and other weights.

  • This silk jewel belt features a peculiar combination of French lace, dyed with silver textile colours to highlight the edges of the motifs, decorated with small coral beads and a hand-crafted silver closure.

  • Elegant and sophisticated, this shawl in water-green silk satin is decorated with rich floral embroidery on a lace base with bright green, pink and red crystal elements. Finished with a long macramé fringe in pink contrast, it is an elegant fashion accessory.

  • This cotton tulle veil, typical of the traditional Sarrabus attire, features a complex hand-made clable stitch embroidery inspired by raditional motifs, available as an accessory for brides and cerimonies.

  • This linen towel is decorated with a delicate embroidery featuring cross-stitched initials made with many-coloured threads. The shorter sides are embellished by a crochet lace.

The artisan

Sartoria Sorelle Podda was founded in 1980 by Laura, a long-time fashion enthusiast. Being a talented and highly creative woman, she studied and learnt haute couture techniques, developing a personal style over the years. She collaborated with her sister Giannina, an expert embroiderer specialized, in particular, in tulle weaving, typically used for traditional veils, and opened an exclusive atelier. Over the years, they produce several collections inspired by the ancient traditions of their homeland, participating in fashion shows and exhibitions with a positive feedback and appreciation of both customers and experts in the field.

The collection

They create wedding gowns, formal dresses, evening dresses and fashion accessories, as well as a home linen collection, paying great attention to details and inspired by tradition. Different collections are designed and dedicated to women, with precious and exclusive charming clothing and accessories. Bed linen recalls the traditional hand-embroidered trousseaux made of natural fabrics.

The technique

Works are flawless in every detail, the finishes, the choice of fabrics and the design. Dresses are designed by Lauretta Podda and tailored by the two sisters, with their fine sense of craftsmanship and unparalleled touch. Artifacts are often made of fabrics typical of the Sardinian production, embellished with lace and embroidery. The hand-embroidered cotton tulle, inspired by the veil of traditional attires, is used to create original garments. Silk and brocade are enhanced by coral and silver inserts, embellishing collars, boleros, camisoles and accessories.

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Where to find them

Sartoria Sorelle Podda Via Roma, 240 09043 Muravera (CA)


Telefono: +39 070 9930983 - +39 348 3828035

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