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Leoni Arte

  • The fascinating shape of a sea urchin, crafted with surprising technical skill and expertise, is one of the iconic pieces of the workshop.

  • The elements of the marine world are featured on this particular bowl, decorated with fascinating and delicate blue and light blue shades. Sea stars and relief coral branches decorate a single and original piece.

  • The decoration of this large plate resumes the natural elements of rock, sand and fire in the abstract composition of large backgrounds with contrasting colours and different material effects.

  • A striking textile element realised using a handloom in collaboration with a group of expert weavers of the village of Aggius, and which is a fine reference to the local textile tradition, is inserted into this large ceramic fish, which stands out for its distinctive plastic effects.

  • The sophisticated shape of a coral branch is the main feature of this artifact, painted with different shades of red glaze. It may be used as a decorative object or a base for a lamp, available in different sizes, enriching a collection dedicated to the marine world.

The artisan

Arianna Leoni is a passionate and creative artist. After getting her degree in public administration, she looked for something different, something more artistic, and she run into pottery: by starting this journey she decided, at a very young age, to create the Ceramiche Leoni Arte brand. Her parents, both artists and professors of art history, had a critical role in her choices. In her charming studio located in the old town of Luras, in Gallura, the young artisan crafts her own productions. Collections of original and unique items, ceramics created and painted entirely by hand, sold with a guarantee certificate that attests to the uniqueness of each individual product, also available at best furniture and crafts stores of the island.

The collection

The Leoni Arte creations are inspired by the Sardinian countryside, the farm and pastoral world, but also by the surprising elements of the marine world. All lamps, vases, bowls, shaped as coloured spiky sea urchins, dreamy jellyfish and beautiful corals, are crafted with great technical skill and amazing expressive power. They introduce us to a world where an art object becomes an element that can surprise and move, creating identity and bringing people closer to tradition.

The technique

Ceramics are made and painted entirely by hand using traditional pottery techniques. Lathe, rolling, coiling. All techniques are used and decorated with enamels or slips, chosen according to the project to be undertaken and the emotions that the artisan wants to communicate. They all feature great skills and expertise in manual shaping, which provide a peculiar expressiveness to each object, turning it into a unique piece.

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Where to find them

Ceramiche Leoni Arte Via della Scuola 07025 Luras (OT)


Telefono: +39 349 7947464

Sito web: