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Andrea Farci

  • With a sophisticated and minimal taste  it reinterprets the collection of classic moorhens, in a stylized version of glazed terracotta and decorated with a gold leaf. Available in several vibrant colors, sizes and customised in exquisite décor.

  • The simple and elegant glazed ceramic plates is characterized by traditional lapwing motifs and the polychromy on a white field.

  • Explicitly inspired by local tradition, the finely engraved lace-like decoration is made of glazed terracotta. The central stylised lapwing module reinterprets the symbols of other forms of Sardinian tradition, such as weaving and carving.

  • Being the typical artifact included in the collection of pottery pieces, the Classic Moorhen skillfully reinterprets the rich elements of Sardinian festive ceramic craftsmanship.

  • With its bellied shape, the glazed vase is decorated with traditional lapwing and the tree of life motifs with vivid polychromy on a white field. Mad on a potter's wheel, engraved and decorated by hand, it is available in different sizes and customised decoration.

The artisan

For Master craftsman Andrea Farci's, pottery is a family tradition. This third-generation Assemini-born ceramist learnt pottery techniques at a very young age at the historic workshop of Grandfather Vincenzo, with his father Giuseppe and uncles Gianfranco and Gaetano. His innate artisan and artistic sensitivity, enriched by the studies in education at the Art School of Cagliari, earned him undiminished recognition and affirmation in the family tradition, creating a personal production with a clear style and manufacturing quality. With his creations Andrea participates in major industry exhibitions and is included in the main local specialize craftsmanship circles for the selling and promotion of high quality products.

The collection

In his workshop in Assemini, a recognized center of excellence for ceramics, Andrea Farci makes a selection of artifacts for furniture, small sculptures, plates, jugs and pourers and other elements for table setting, and exterior architectural decorative elements. Finely lathe-shaped in terracotta or glazed and engraved ceramic, he offers a fine repertoire of motifs inspired by local pottery and engraving tradition. The peculiarity of Farci's pottery is undoubtedly the lapwing motif, made with a stylised engraved mark and used as a decoration on a variety of collections. Equally peculiar is the artistic and decorative objet called gallinella consisting of a rounded shape richly decorated with carvings and applications. 

The technique

In the laboratory the artifacts are shaped on the lathe or molded with plastic manual moulding. The surfaces are decorated with engravings on engobes, glazings and glazes, both immersed and brushed on. Baking in electric furnaces is the last procedure of the precious artisan process.

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Where to find them

Ceramiche Artistiche di Andrea Farci Via Carmine, 238 09032 Assemini (CA)


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