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Andrea Dentoni

  • The Shardana glasses, with their elegant forms in black Indian buffalo horn with light streaks, are part of the prized handicraft production of Arias Eyewear.

  • The Tundu glasses, with their refined lines and solid black buffalo horn frames are individually handcrafted and can be customised in every detail.

  • The Xelu glasses, with their refined lines and of evident aesthetic value, are handcrafted in black buffalo horn with irregular honey-coloured streaks.

  • The refined Ishter line of black buffalo horn glasses is made even more exclusive thanks to the delicate engraved motifs taken from the decorative iconography of Sardinian tradition.

  • These elegant glasses in white horn, with beautiful irregular streaks, are skilfully crafted according to the exclusive lines of the Arniel model, distinctive of the Arias Eyewear handicraft production.

The artisan

Andrea Dentoni’s refined and innovative handicraft production of horn and wood frames for glasses combines elegant design and exclusive manufacture. Andrea’s business, Arias Eyewear, draws inspiration from traditional Sardinian techniques - that use wood and horn to produce knives and other precious objects - to create, with both sensitivity and artisanal precision, striking glasses, which are also long-lasting objects. After graduating in industrial design at the Faculty of Architecture in Florence and building on his consolidated experience in interior design, in 2010 he decided to return to Sardinia where Sardegna Ricerche, a regional body active in innovation policies and technological development across the territory, had granted him a scholarship. His award-winning project is the distinctive line of handcrafted glasses, based on a precise stylistic design and realised in wood, through accurate laser cuts and with entirely manual finishing and assembly. Established over the years and ever-experimenting, Andrea’s eyewear production has been perfected through the use of buffalo horn with fine shades of natural colours that enhance its aesthetic and material features. In line with the modern nature of the project, the production of sunglasses and frames for prescription lenses is actively promoted on the main social media.

The collection

Andrea Dentoni, through his business Arias Eyewear, produces handcrafted glasses, unique items which can be individually customised in detail and materials. Made of buffalo horn and wood, they have striking stylistic lines of contemporary taste with remarkable aesthetic value. These tailor made frames, intended for prescription lenses or sunglasses, are carefully and individually designed based on a range of prototype models.

The technique

The glasses are handcrafted starting from the design of the model, followed by the choice of materials, the preliminary cut using laser techniques and finally accurate, entirely handcrafted finishing and assembly procedures.

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