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Ceramiche Loddo

  • The elaborate composition of the decorative plate features the rural scene of a shepherd sitting at rest, surrounded by the circular sequence of his flock.

  • Two peacocks and a heart framed by small modules of vases, crosses and birds, animate the rich and detailed decoration of the plate, made following the original design of master ceramist Paolo Loddo.

  • A playful and colorful large round platter decorated with a fish motif. It may be hung on a wall or used as a centerpieces; it features harmonic and elegant light marine motifs. Crafted with fine engravings and brushed glazes, it can be customized in size, colors and decorations.

  • The exquisite workmanship and the delicate colors used characterize the glazed ceramic tea set, consisting of a teapot, a milk jug, a sugar bowl, a cup and a saucer.

  • Simple and joyful shapes in vivid colours, the large oval platter is crafted with sensitivity and skills, reinterpreting the classic lapwing motif. Available in different sizes, patterns and colours, it can also be customized.

The artisan

In the large and vital workshop of pottery, located in the picturesque setting of the village of Dorgali, Giovanni Loddo continues his precious family tradition with skill, expertise and passion. Loddo Ceramiche, opened after World War II by his father Paolo, is an important piece of the distinctive tradition of Dorgali pottery. Paolo Loddo, a talented artist craftsman, was a pupil of renown Sardinian potter Ciriaco Piras, he stood out in his early years of activity with his production of molded pieces decorated with cold colors and characterized by Sardinia traditional motifs. Giovanni inherited his skills and profound artistic sensitivity from his father and he keenly maintains and develops his business, diversifying his production and adjusting his pieces to contemporary market requirements with high quality craftsmanship. He is assisted by his daughter Maria Giovanna, who follows the family tradition with passion and competence, being the third generation of potters. 

The collection

The rich and varied production includes different collections, designed to meet different practical and decorative needs: the dining set collection, including several different objects, plate sets, bowls, salad bowls and platters, cups of different shapes and functions; furnishings and art objects, such as vases, boxes, trays, bowls and decorative plates, bases lamps, wall lamps and pendant, precious party favors, always characterized by precious finesse. Made of glazed and engraved pottery, the pieces feature motifs and symbols of the Sardinian tradition. Meeting individual and large-scale requirements, the crafted products can be customized in forms, decorative compositions and colors.

The technique

The workshop produces red and white clay pottery decorated with enamels and crystals, engravings and brush decorations, single- and doubled-baked in electric furnaces. Also mold decorations with cold colors is still performed, primarily intended for decorative items inspired by tradition.

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Where to find them

Ceramiche Loddo Via Alfonso Lamarmora, 240 08022 Dorgali (NU)


Telefono: +39 0784 96327

Sito web: