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Ceramiche d'Arte Giovanni Deidda

  • Delicate shades of natural clay and white characterize this set of lathe-crafted bowls. These sophisticated floral motifs are featured with a balanced and original touch, recalling traditional embroideries, a direct reference to the rich and sophisticated traditional culture.

  • This food container featuring the delicate colours of natural clay and white, skillfully crafted and engraved, includes elements of the plant world: a wide floral decoration underlines the background, delicate flower branches draw the edge.

  • Its decoration being an explicit tribute to love, the Worship platter is an example of great cratsmanship and experise, reinterpreting weaving, embroidery and filigree in fine pottery.

  • The delicate light green shades combine with the natural shades of clay and white, characterizing this set of ceramic salad bowls. The refined and solid colour of the internal surface glaze is combined with a finely crafted and decorated white edge.

  • The plove motif inspired by traditional embroideries and wood engravings, and interpreted with the delicate shades of natural clay and white, is the main feature of this glazed ceramic flower vase. Being a classic and refined object, it is available in different sizes.

The artisan

Gianni Deidda, the heir of a tradition that has lasted since 1830, has the soul of a shepherd, who observes nature and explores with his hands. He does not create large objects of clay; he prefers to work on shapes and refine them, with joy and educated skills, to shape the perfect roundness of edges and bases: a bowl as deep as needed, as wide dish as wide as necessary, a balance spherical shape, a golden rule. His decorations feature the elegance of lace and the clarity and incisiveness of carvings, the inexhaustible imagination of a repeated pattern, and yet, they are all different from each other: a mandala, a tree of life featuring colours that recall seaweed, flowers and the wind.

The collection

The production made by Gianni Deidda is sophisticated and original, strongly characterized by an extraordinary virtuosity in its decorations and by a perfect control of shapes. Plates, bowls, salad bowls, objects of daily use featuring different shapes and functions, reinterpreting cross-sector knowledge : weaving, filigree, decorative embroidery suggest unusual paths, reinventing an expressive jargon that is still close to traditional aesthetics, skillfully transformed.

The technique

Virtuosity in lathe-forming is certainly one of the main features of the entire production. Being the heir of a historic workshop opened by Selargiu potters, he has acquired and developed techniques and skills. He introduced decorations as a characteristic element of the whole production, slips on skilfully engraved white clay. Enamels and coloured tin-glazes introduce a discrete and harmonious use of colour, in perfect harmony with the neutral and light colours applied to the rest of the production.

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Where to find them

Ceramiche Arte Giovanni Deidda Via Pola 70/a 09032 Assemini (CA)


Telefono: +39 (0)70 944632 - +39 3495690699