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Falegnameria Bruno Mandis

  • Decorated with carved motifs, the elegant handcrafted chair with hay seat, obtained by the fine manual intertwining of local marsh grass. The lines reinterpret the chair characterized by traditional craftsmanship, used to be put at home entrances, next to the traditional wedding chest.

  • The distinctive Sardinian traditional wedding chest, inspired by the solid and refined lines with intaglio decorations, is reinterpreted in a white-coated chest embellished with precious golden decoration.

  • The simple and classic lines of the solid table chair are inspired by an ancient model of Mogoro tradition, reinterpreted thoroughly to achieve greater comfort of use.

  • The solid lines of the large cabinet, with its three doors are embellished with carved decorations and Sardinian traditional motifs, thus becoming a contemporary and up-to-date piece of furniture, with the use of the total-white coating and the blue and gold décor.

  • Precious and unique, the coffee table is made with juniper and driftwood, the top being carved with precious circular sections and the frame obtained from natural forms of refined wood. It is designed to be customised according to clients' request.

The artisan

The Bruno Mandis joinery is based in Mogoro, a Sardinian village in the Province of Oristano and vital centre of ancient traditions; it protects and continues the three-generation business in the field of woodworking. Sergio, Tiziana and Marco inherited from their father Bruno the family joinery, initially focusing on the realization of straw chairs, that Bruno learnt to craft thanks to the teachings of his father Dante. Under their management, the company developed, diversified production and opened up to new markets, while keeping alive their interest for crafts, characterized by high-quality carving. The high production capacity of the joinery, now equipped with modern technology, meets the needs of a differentiated market, ranging from single requests to the production of matching furniture for homes, commercial and accommodation facilities, keeping sound artisan procedures and the attention to details with respect to tradition.

The collection

The Bruno Mandis joinery crafts tailor-made furniture and traditional furniture, combining traditional technical and stylistic innovation. Chests, chairs, tables, dressers, headboards and cabinets and other furnishings are always fire-branded to prove authenticity. There are two different lines: the “Luxury” collection, a two-tone line of products carved and painted by hand, and the “Sardegna” collection which incorporates the colors of the sea and the island nature pastel colors and finishes that highlight the valuable texture of wood. The exclusive hay-seat chairs are finely crafted in all production phases starting from harvesting and drying of foliage, marsh grass locally called “spadua”. Another distinctive production is the realization of tables made of centennial juniper and drift wood, with their top engraved and their frame obtained by natural branches of precious and rare wood.

The technique

Furniture is always crafted using solid wood that is worked, assembled and decorated by hand with ancient carving technique. For the finishing, water-based coatings are used during the final stage of the painting. Peculiar and personal procedures are used to obtain effects that highlight and enhance the value of the texture of wood, as it brushed, veiled and pickled.

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Where to find them

Bruno Mandis di Marco e Sergio Mandis Via dell'Artigianato, sn 09095 Mogoro (OR)


Telefono: +39 0783 990833

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