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Falegnameria Artigiana by Stefano Mereu

The artisan

Stefano Mereu, a joiner and carver from Villamassargia, began his apprenticeship at just fourteen years of age in a small workshop of his village. An enthusiast of complext techniques, for his apprenticeship he carefully selected his tutors based on their mastery and ability to transfer skills. In 2007, with a sound background, he decided to start his own joinery, and has recently started a collaboration with his friend and colleague Marcello Tosi, an expert carpenter. His aim is to craft highly customized pieces, which enjoy top quality craftsmanship and a careful selection of the best materials. Each piece is designed and developed in synergy with the customer since its early stages, a precious interaction that leads to the creation of a unique object, intended to last over time.

The collection

The joinery produces customised top quality furniture, with precious intaglio decorations and special finishes crafted using specific techniques and several coats of paint. The craftsman works in close synergy with the client and every piece of furniture is unique in its details, looking for the perfect match and final integration in the context where they are to be set.

The technique

The joinery crafts products using resistant and durable assembly systems and with fine intaglio decoration. The finishes are non-toxic, often obtained with techniques developed by the very craftsman, that offer each piece an antique-like shade and valuable peculiar touch.

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Where to find them

Falegnameria Artigiana di Stefano Mereu Zona industriale Loc. S. Pietro 09010 Villamassargia (CA)