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Casa del Mar Ceramiche

  • Moorish elements of Mediterranean culture are arranged with fine decorative motifs in the complex surface of the large ornamental plate. Being a high-quality piece, it is characterized by the uniqueness of the realization that testify to a clearly sensitive creative process.

  • Irregular and dynamic shapes, vibrant and bright blue shades, every element is inspired by waves. Sculptural object, handcrafted in glazed pottery, combining strong artistic high quality craftsmanship.

  • The molded and fretwork shape of wall lights, designed to determine the striking distribution of light, is enriched by the sensitive surface decoration that incorporates motifs from the marine world.

  • The combination of a number of spirals makes up the decoration of the precious ceramic plate, characterized by sinuous irregular shapes and the glazed surface of vibrated blue color. Handcrafted, it is the result of a creative path that determines its uniqueness.

  • The complex surface, executed with technical experimentation, is inspired by a lunar landscape. Blue Moon is a sculptural plate, handcrafted made by glazed ceramic in vibrant blue shade.

The artisan

Sandro Serra in his laboratory Casa del Mar Ceramiche in Tempio Pausania, at the heart of Gallura, crafts artistic clay with passion and inspiration, obtaining a limited selection of objets d'art characterized by vibrant and glassy blue colors, and the careful and sophisticated rendering of material surfaces. With sensitivity and competence, they are textured, etched, engraved and glazed. The refined plasticity of his decoration, together with obvious technical experiments, is the result of a continuous and constant aesthetic research, which results in singular unpredictable decorative projects, characterised by a recognizable concept of harmony and beauty: the lighting and decorative elements and furnishing enshrine and pass on the pieces the suggestion of an exclusive creative and craft process which are peculiar of this ceramist's style.

The collection

The production, clearly oriented to the object's customization according to the needs of the customer, is a characteristic feature of the lighting elements. Made in an interesting variety of shapes and embellished by sophisticated decorations, table and wall lamps become unique pieces which can characterize several different contexts. The home accessories such as vases, containers, bowls and decorative plates, are the result of separate creative projects, molded and decorated by hand, combining the artistic inspiration to skilful craftsmanship.

The technique

In the laboratory he uses normal clay pastes and local clays, the composition of which provides the product with different shades of color and greater porosity. The stylistic research evolves with technical research, obtained by testing and experimenting with mixtures of glazes, oxides, dyes, pigments, engobes, with materials capable of restoring materiality as ash, salt, rock dust. The processing of sheets also allows to experience surface effects realized with impression techniques. The baking protocols are mixed in an experimental research approach.

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Where to find them

Casa del Mar Ceramiche Circonvallazione San Sebastiano, 3 07029 Tempio Pausania (OT)


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