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Carlotta Franzini

  • The elegant Karuk handbag is the result of the wise juxtaposition of the warm texture of cork with the bright colours of leather.

  • Maracaibo is the original pochette by Carlottinalab which features the elegant combination of the warm texture of cork with the lively colours of synthetic leather. Every one-off handcrafted piece has unique manufacturing details.

  • Puff is a handy, useful large bucket bag, crafted with an exclusive combination of high-quality synthetic materials and in limited-edition pattern prints. With ever-changing distinctive details, two versions are available: 100% leather and 100% synthetic leather.

  • Original and practical, the Zà-Zà backpack is crafted as a one-off item using unique printed fabrics and in limited edition, combined with genuine leather and high-quality synthetic leather in various color combinations.

  • With the unmistakable Carlottinalab style, the Buenos Aires backpack made of fabric, leather and synthetic leather can be used in three practical combinations and stands out for the unique fabrics which are printed with ever-changing motifs.

The artisan

Carlottinalab handbags by Carlotta Franzini are truly “handmade”: they are the fruitful result of a strong creative artisan experience. The distinctive feature of her creations is the use of graphic and artistic fabrics, combined with leather, hide and cork, crafted according to high-quality standards, the successful combination of carefully selected materials and insightful design down to the smallest finishing details. Fascinated from a very young age by the multifaceted world of fabrics, yarns and tailoring which were a feature of her family environment and which she approached with creative talent, Carlotta conceived the Carlottinalab project back in 2005 when she was still very young. Her artisan workshop is, by her own definition, “portable”, thus describing a novel concept that puts craftsmen at the centre of the creative process with their own inspirational times and places. Indeed, she moves in this direction with great insight into the potential of social media and the web. Her valuable experience is complemented by a degree in Architecture at the University of Cagliari and by a specialisation course in tailoring techniques. She currently lives and works in the village of Sant’Anna Arresi, in the south of Sardinia, with her husband Simone and their young son Nanni, who affectionately support her in her business. She sells her creations through her e-commerce website and by actively participating in the major social networks, as well as by promoting her products through some island-based retail outlets of the handmade sector.

The collection

Carlottinalab’s handbags come in a range of exclusive and recognisable patterns, such as the Buenos Aires and Zà-zà backpacks, the Puff bucket bags, the Flower Power handbags, the Maracaibo pochette clutch-bags, the Portatutto all-in-one bags and many more. Unique and original, they are the result of a creative process that passes through the careful selection of fabrics, which are always printed in a limited edition and renewed only for a limited number of items, thus creating one-off objects, as can be seen in the combination of materials and artisanal details that ensure the uniqueness of the finished product. Alongside the production of fabric and leather items, well-established and recognisable in style, she has created a new line of products in experimental materials such as cork and handmade fabrics. Another line of products, designed to respond to the increasing sensitivity towards animal-derived materials, is made using only high-quality eco-leather.

The technique

Every single aspect of production is managed with great craftsmanship and meticulousness, starting from the selection of high-quality leather and eco-leather and fabrics chosen for their unique design, through the design and tailoring, and up to the smallest details, finished with the utmost care.

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Where to find them

Via Tingiosu, 4
Loc.Is Potettus
09010 Sant'Anna Arresi (CI)


Telefono: +39 346 210 3699

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