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  • The original circular shape of the bed headboard is made of chestnut wood and is decorated with an elegant central motif depicting a Sun with a stylised face and carved frames, being the obvious compositional craftsmanship and artistic skill.

  • It is inspired by the identity of the island: this precious jewelry box is a clever reinterpretation of traditional Sardinian bridal chest. Made of chestnut wood with creativity and craftsmanship, it is decorated with an artful and refined incision, customizable in size and details.

  • They are the expression of the maestro's high competence; the very refined decorative elements made by the intaglio masters carvers for the major restoration of Apollo's rooms at the Gran Teatro La Fenice in Venice.

  • Un mazzo di spighe finemente intagliato e scolpito con grande pregio estetico è il soggetto della lampada a parete realizzata artigianalmente in legno di tiglio successivamente dipinto.

  • The municipal coat of arms is executed with sculptural virtuosity, made of limewood, featuring a natural color, and carved with low and high relief. Being the expression of high craftsmanship, every detail shows a careful approach to accurate plasticity.

The artisan

The history of the Artintaglio workshop began with extraordinary Giovannimaria Solinas, Mastru Mimmiu, and is an excellent example of the peculiar three-generation evolution of the precious intaglio and woodworking expertise. The Master craftsman was extraordinarily skilled, participated with his work in major exhibitions in Florence and Milan in 1925, where he was awarded the first prize and the gold medal. Mario Renzo, Mastru Mimmiu's son, at 14 years of age started his apprenticeship at his father's workshop, where he learnt the art of woodworking, but he also understood the great potential of his family's skills, creating new products and finding new market shares, lending his artistic creativity to the company.  Giovannimaria's son received the name and the skills of his grandfather, just like Maria, Mastru Mimmiu's granddaughter, who is a skilled carver and, as a child, attended the family workshop. At the age of fourteen, she decided to focus on intaglio, reaching artistic results of rare perfection and beauty.  His collaboration with sculptor Angelo Beccu is also very important to develop projects of particular value and complexity. The restoration of the wooden artefacts found at the Apollo's rooms, at world-renown Teatro La Fenice in Venice, earned him an extraordinary success in 2003, consolidating his fame around the world a Sardinian artisan of extraordinary skills. His collaboration with Rome-based architect Lopez resulted in the development of international projects in Paris and in the UAE.

The collection

For over fifty years, Artintaglio has designed and manufactured wooden artefacts of rare preciousness and beauty, managing to reproduce historical objects and combining the ancient art of carving to modern design and sophistication. So many applications allowed by the great technical expertise: classic furnishings, coats of arms and decorations of various kinds, architectural elements, but also boardrooms and furnishing of contemporary taste, represent only a fraction of the fine production of the workshop, a excellence on the island in the field of craftsmanship.

The technique

The precious art of intaglio is the technical and expressive peculiarity of this workshop, assisted by traditional decoration techniques: gold-leaf decoration, marbling and similar techniques, brush decoration are just some of the techniques used in the workshop.

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Where to find them

Mastru Mimmiu Solinas Buddusò Via Francesco Fodde n. 18 07020 Buddusò (OT)


Telefono: 331-3319136

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