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Atelier Sorelle Asole

  • Brocade clutch bag with moulage embroidery in three different kinds of lace, smooth silver bullion, curly gold thread, pearls and crystals. Made entirely by hand as a unique item, this accessory can be customised according to individual inspirations.

  • This fine elegant hair band is made of petrol-blue silk satin with exquisite floral embroidery in silk threads, golden bullion and bugle beads, pearls and crystals and moulage embroidery.

  • This elegant shawl in black damask fabric is decorated with a fine rose motif embroidered with polychrome silk threads, gold threads, silver and crystal beads, which revives the distinctive motif of the traditional range of embroidery of Sennori.

  • Finely decorated with an embroidered motif in curly gold thread, smooth silver thread, pearls and crystals, wisely used and combined for a different effect of brightness and colour.

  • This original mantle, made with four embroidered layers of cloth, elegantly reinterprets elements of the traditional embroidery of Oliena and the elegant pleating of the costume of Sennori.

The artisan

The sophisticated production of the Atelier Sorelle Asole explores, through a stylistic and artisanal research, a feminine world that has evolved through epochs and fashions and that originates from an expressive code with ancient traditions. Stefania and Monica’s synergetic work builds on their know-how and mastery of embroidery and tailoring, which they skilfully and expertly perform, as is revealed by their production rooted in an evocative past, translated with exquisite contemporary taste. Stefania, who studied in the fashion sector, learned and refined her embroidery techniques from skilful Sennori embroiderers. Thanks to this experience and experimentation she created her own expressive identity, in which embroidery is undoubtedly the distinctive feature. Monica, who, even as a child was fascinated by sewing, which she learned from her mother and female figures in the family, joined her sister’s professional path, contributing her skills and inventiveness. Their work recalls the great tailor’s shops of the past, which tailored all clothes entirely by hand, combining the artisanal tailoring and embroidery techniques with a style inspired by a feminine identity of timeless beauty typical of the island. In their Atelier in Olbia, a city of ancient history as well as a lively creative centre in northern Sardinia, they craft a distinctive and ever-expanding production of accessories and clothes in which the entirely handmade details reinforce a style that echoes ancient traditions.

The collection

The production of the sisters Stefania and Monica Asole counts accessories, shawls and clothes of particular and distinctive aesthetic value characterised by embroidery and manual crafting in all stages. The embroidery, their hallmark, is performed with technical skill and creativity, as revealed by their clothes and accessories such as large shawls, original and elegant hair bands and fine handbags. Each artefact is a unique project, handcrafted and tailor made with individually inspired details.

The technique

The technique of the Atelier Sorelle Asole is characterised by the fine polychrome embroidery in gold and silver silk threads, bugle beads of various shapes and sizes, pearls and crystals, crafted into extraordinary artefacts entirely by hand. Distinctive features of the atelier are the moulage embroidery and the finely knotted macramè fringes. Clothes and accessories are tailored using sartorial techniques.

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Type of artefact: Textile clothing accessories

Where to find them

Via Luigi Boccherini, 22 07026 Olbia ()